Confirmed Map Changes

The Explorer series of maps from the Ordnance Survey carries rights of way information that is up to date when the map is published. Explorer 279 covers the majority of the Doncaster area and was last published in 2015

The Rights of Way section receives and processes a slow but steady stream of requests to change the network and over time a number of these will pass through the rigorous legal requirements and become confirmed changes, thus making the Ordnance Survey maps slightly out of date. Changes may include new paths, diversions of existing paths or path deletions.  Public rights of way and other leisure routes that are available to the public are shown on the Doncaster Walking Map.  Please note that the Doncaster Walking Map is not the legal record.

The following list and plans below show the confirmed rights of way changes since 2015


Public Footpath Number 5 Fenwick Diversion (east side of railway crossing)

The footpaths heading south on the west side of the railway line have been extinguished and  a new footpath provided on the east side of the railway, heading in a south direction to meet the existing footpath. 
Footpath 5 Fenwick East Side of Railway
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Public Bridleways Number 18, 19 and 20 Rose Hill Doncaster Dedication

Doncaster Council has dedicated 3 bridleways on land off Rose Hill, Doncaster; providing access to Red House Plantation and the Racecourse.
Rose Hill Plan
Download (219KB - PDF)

Public Bridleways Number 5 Loversall and 9 Wadworth (IPort) Dedication

A public bridleway has been dedicated linking Rakes Lane,Loversall and Carr Lane,Wadworth
Bridleway dedication at IPort
Download (394KB - PDF)

Public Footpath Number 16 Doncaster, Oswin Ave Balby

Footpath rights have been recognised along a route leadingfromOswin AvenuetoFurnival Road, Balby,  An order has subsequently been confirmed that has moved the footpath nearer to 10Oswin Avenue.
Oswin Avenue footpath plan
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Public Footpath 17 Doncaster Aldesworth Road to Cantley Park

A footpath has been dedicatedfromAldesworth Road,alongside the community centreintoCantley Park
Footpath to Cantley Park
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Loversall Footpath 4

The footpath has been diverted slightly to pass over the Great Yorkshire Way
footpath at Great Yorkshire Way
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Tickhill Footpath 5, off Hopyard Lane

The north west section of footpath,offHopyard Lane, has been diverted to follow the headland instead of crossing the middle of the field.
Tickhill Footpath 5 Diversion-1
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Public Footpath 8 Warren Lane, Cantley

The footpathbetweenBessacarrandRossington that crosses the golf course, has been diverted to pass under the Great Yorkshire Way. 
Cantley 8 Warren Lane Diversion
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Toad Holes Lane Rail Crossing, Rossington

The public footpath has been diverted away from crossing the East Coast Main Line on the level onto the bridge carrying the Great Yorkshire Way .
Toad Holes Lane Crossing
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 Bootham Lane Rail Crossing Stainforth Bridleway 4

The sectionofbridlewaybetweenBootham Lane and Cuckoo Lane has been moved from the north to the south side of the railway.
Bootham Lane rail crossing diversion A3-1
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For further information contact the Public Rights of Way Section

  • telephone: 01302 736000
  • email:
  • in person or by post: Public Rights of Way Service, Doncaster Council, Civic Office, Waterdale, Doncaster, DN1 3BU

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