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Doncaster Airport

Just behind you was Doncaster Airport, which was officially opened by the Earl of Lonsdale on 26 May 1934. The first aircraft to operate between Doncaster and London was named “The Spirit of Doncaster”.

May 1935 – Doncaster Aero Club started flying with more than 30 members.

On the aerodrome’s first anniversary Sir Alan Cobham brought his air circus and the Mayor was taken up for a flight and said “that flying was as safe as motoring”.

1936 - K.L.M. and British Continental Airways chose Doncaster as the site for a daily service. The first flight in 1937 had 14 passengers and a crew of 3 and took 1 hour 50 minutes from Amsterdam.

1938 –20,000 spectators at an air display saw the 400 mph Hawker Hurricane and the world’s then fastest medium bomber, the Bristol Blenheim.

World War Two saw Doncaster Municipal Airport become RAF Doncaster and home to 616 Squadron and 271 Squadron, later affectionately known as ‘Doncaster’s Own’. Flight Lieutenant David Lord of 271 was the only member of a transport squadron to receive the Victoria Cross.

After the war, Doncaster airport was listed as “state controlled” and available to commercial, charter and private aircraft.

Doncaster Gliding Club was formed in 1959 with the airfield closing on Christmas Day 1992.












Butterflies at Doncaster Lakeside

Butterflies and moths are found mostly on the hills and islands at Lakeside. Local enthusiasts take part in an annual national Big Butterfly Count. The butterflies recorded include gatekeeper, small white, large white, green-veined white, peacock, speckled brown and meadow brown.

The islands, with native meadow planting, are also a very good habitat for six-spot burnet moths.

  A butterfly sat on a plant

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What is the name of Doncaster Rovers stadium?



























Answer: Keepmoat Stadium






















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