'Discover Lakeside' is designed to encourage people to use Doncaster Lakeside for a range of activities.

What is ‘Discover Lakeside’?

‘Discover Lakeside’ sees brand new ‘trails’ introduced around the lake, using Quick Response (QR) codes to help you discover more about the area around the lake and its history. Giving you a different way to enjoy the outdoors and local scenery, ‘Discover Lakeside’ provides an opportunity to walk, explore, read and even answer questions that will help you to unlock the fun and interesting facts around you.

How to use the trails

QR codes are readable codes consisting of black and white squares, and are generally used for accessing online information using the camera on a smartphone. You can download a QR code reader for your mobile device free from your app store, and once this is done you will be able to simply scan the code in the app with your device’s camera and be automatically taken to the relevant webpage.

We have installed 15 wooden posts around the Lake with QR codes that link you to specially-designed pages on the Council’s website that feature fun facts and questions about Lakeside and the surrounding area for both adults and children.

As you walk, run or wheel around the lake, simply scan the QR code with your device’s camera and select your trail to explore the area. These codes and pages can be viewed on their own or as part of a trail that takes you around the whole of the lake.

About the Trails

‘Discover Lakeside' currently has 3 trails:

Quiz Trail

Walk the trail and answer a range of questions about Lakeside and the wider area. You can even download a worksheet from this page before your visit along with your very own Lakeside Quiz Trail certificate for your children as they complete part, or all, of the trail.

Heritage Trail

Walk the trail and learn some of the fascinating history of the area of Doncaster we now call Lakeside and what surrounds it. From Doncaster Racecourse during World War One to the area’s aviation history, there is certainly a lot to discover.  

Nature Trail 

Walk the trail and discover some interesting facts about some of the nature and wildlife that call the Lake their home. The content of this trail was developed by the Doncaster Lakeside Wildlife Action Group.


Want to see more trails?

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Last updated: 11 March 2021 09:41:40

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