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Carr House and William Nuttall Cottage Homes

Just north of here was Carr House, an elegant mansion with beautiful gardens, situated near Sandy Lane, off Carr House Roadhouse Road . It was built in 1604 for Hugh Childers, Mayor of Doncaster and a “gallant gentleman”.  The famous racehorse “Flying Childers”, said to be the fastest racer that ever existed, was born here.

During the 19th century the estate was sold several times, finally being sold to Doncaster Corporation in 1884. It was then used as a convalescent home for wounded officers in World War One and a fever hospital.  When no longer needed it was deliberately destroyed by fire.

Nearby and around a mile from Lakeside on Bennetthorpe are the William Nuttall Cottage Homes. In 1930 he allocated funds to build 24 Cottage Homes for “aged spinsters”.  He said that “Spinsters had been forgotten” and called them “unclaimed treasures”. 

These homes were built on the old Grammar School playing field in 3 blocks of 8 houses.  All the work was carried out by local builders and craftsmen, the houses being built of Conisbrough bricks with stone facings, red tiles and Westmorland slates. Seats were placed so that residents could look over the Great North Road and Town Fields.















Geese at Doncaster Lakeside

Most of the geese at Lakeside are Canada Geese (Branta Canadensis). This breed was originally introduced to the UK from North America in the 17th century, so is now a firmly established resident, with some migration between England, Scotland and France.

Geese are noisy creatures, they live in flocks and communicate frequently with a trumpeting, honking cry, including when in flight. They eat water vegetation and also graze on grass and browse on other plants.


They have rarely if ever bred at Lakeside. 

The content of this trail has been developed by the Doncaster Lakeside Wildlife Action Group. Visit their website at: http://lakesidewildlifeactiongroup.weebly.com/ or follow them on Twitter @WildlifeLakeDN4. 
















Name three landmarks you can see from top of the hill?





















Answer - Keepmoat Stadium, Lakeside shopping outlet, Lakeside, Doncaster Dome, South Yorkshire aircraft museum (and more on a clear day)


















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