Lying within the parish of Cantley-with-Branton, Black Carr Plantation is a 20 hectare woodland largely created two hundred years ago as part of a 7000 acre estate.

About Black Carr Plantation

Originally it was designed as an exclusive private woodland for the gentry to go hunting. After several changes of ownership over the years, it was eventually taken over by the Forestry Commission in 1953, when its purpose changed to commercial timber management and production. However, public access was still forbidden.

In 1994, the council bought the site and allowed people into the plantation for the first time. While timber production remains, there is now an emphasis on making improvements that will conserve wildlife and make the woodlands a place for future generations to enjoy.

Ghost hunters will be interested to know that the plantation was once known locally as Wailing Wood. The name is linked with a tale still told by local people of a carriage which overturned in fog on Warning Tongue Lane many years ago. Several travellers were killed. One of the dead - a woman - is said to haunt the woodland on foggy nights, even to this day.

How to get there

The woodland is on Warning Tongue Lane, Bessacarr, with very limited car parking.

To get there by bus, use the Travel South Yorkshire journey planner and enter where you're going from and to (Warning Tongue Lane).

To see the surrounding area, check out the following Google Maps view:

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