Leisure Services

Leisure Services works in partnership with various organisations to ensure the residents of Doncaster have access to high quality sport, active recreation and physical activity opportunities.

Our key priorities are promoting Active Living, Active Travel, Active Recreation and Active Sport. To enable delivery of these priorities, our work areas involve Community Development, Physical Activity and Health and Strategy Development.

Community Development

We aim to work in partnership with both internal and external partners such as schools, sports clubs, volunteers and community groups to support both sport and physical activity opportunities across the borough. We are able to provide support and advice on the following:

  • Strategic Planning 
  • Funding
  • Club Development
  • Workforce Development
  • Volunteering

Physical Activity & Health

Our key focus for Leisure Services is to develop and deliver specialised physical activity and support schemes to promote long term participation of healthy lifestyles for the residents of Doncaster. Working with a range of partners to provider quality assured physical activity opportunities. 

Strategy Development

Leisure Services is the key driver for the Physical Activity and Sport strategy through Doncaster Active Partnership (DAP). The vision for DAP is to have a clear commitment to support residents access a range of sport and physical activity opportunities to inspire more people to take part in Physical Activity and Sport more often.

The Physical Activity and Sport strategy will deliver this by putting the person, place and people at the heart of our work.

Doncaster Active Partnership

Local Community Sports Network

Doncaster Active Partnership was established to enable a range of partners to work together to increase participation in sport and physical activity across the borough of Doncaster.

The partnership has a broad membership including the health and public sector, voluntary sector, professional clubs and to name a few. These partners have been brought together to build a partnership, which encompasses all aspects of sport and physical activity.

We are all aware of the benefits sport and physical activity to the individual, community and commerce and as partners we are working to assist all those who can support our vision set out within the Physical Activity and Sport strategy for Doncaster.

The Doncaster Physical Activity and Sport Strategy sets out our overall vision for a partnership approach to the delivery of physical activity and sport across the borough. The strategy has been prepared in partnership with a range of stakeholders. It provides broad themes and Identifies key priorities for partners to address.

The strategy will seek to ensure that:

  • That more people of all ages become physically active.
  • There is a highly skilled, extensive paid and unpaid workforce promoting and creating the opportunities for people to be active across the borough.
  • Doncaster’s environment enables the public to live a healthier, active and more enjoyable life.
  • Opportunities are promoted through a targeted and co-ordinated approach, raising the awareness of the wider benefits of physical activity and sport. Doncaster provides opportunities to nurture athletic talent to start stay and succeed in sport.
  • We are in the top 25% for levels of adult participation by 2020. (measured by Active Peoples Survey)

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