The Safer Stronger Doncaster Partnership

What is the Safer Stronger Doncaster Partnership?

The Safer Stronger Doncaster Partnership works to reduce crime and disorder in Doncaster's communities.

The Partnership involves members of the police, council, probation service, NHS and a range of other public sector and voluntary agencies.

Reducing crime and disorder in our communities helps to improve the quality of life for residents, and contributes to the regeneration of Doncaster. This can only be achieved by working with the community to identify the issues that matter most to residents. The Partnership enables this to happen by bringing together agencies with an interest in, and responsibility for, community safety and coordinating efforts to reduce crime across the borough.


The Community Safety Strategy 2022-25 sets out how the partnership will deliver against its priorities - this strategy is available on the resources section of this page alongside an annual update against our action plan.



Last updated: 28 May 2024 09:30:26

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