If you have been sexually abused, harassed or assaulted, either many years ago or very recently, you are not to blame and their is help and support available. This page will provide information about sexual abuse and how to get help in Doncaster.

Rape and sexual abuse can happen in abusive relationships and from strangers, 'friends' or acquaintances.  it can happen to anyone regardless of gender or sexual orientation.

Sexual abuse is unwanted sexual behaviour from one person to another.

  • It is important to know that just because you might not have fought back or said the word 'no' it does not mean you meant yes
  • When you do not resist an unwanted sexual advance, it does not mean that you wanted to do it
  • Some people might think that if you did not resist, that it does not count as abuse. That is not true. Whether you were drunk or using drugs, you were scared or thought you had to, it is not your fault.
  • You are not to blame

Some examples of sexual abuse, harassment and assault are:

  • Unwanted kissing or touching
  • Unwanted rough or violent sexual activity
  • Pressuring or forcing someone to have sex or perform sexual acts
  • Rape (deliberate penetration of vagina, anus or mouth with a penis, without consent) or attempted rape
  • Refusing to use condoms or restricting someone’s access to birth control
  • Keeping someone from protecting themselves from sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • Sexual contact with someone who is very drunk, drugged, unconscious or otherwise unable to give a clear and informed “yes” or “no”
  • Threatening someone into unwanted sexual activity
  • Sending someone unwanted nude or sexual images
  • Threatening to or sharing intimate sexual or nude images (also sometimes called Revenge Porn)
  • Using sexual insults toward someone
  • Upskirting
  • Sexual activity with someone who is not old enough to/does not have the capacity to consent
  • Female Genital Mutilation

If you have suffered sexual abuse, harassment or an assault please contact South Yorkshire Police: Sexual offences - SYP (southyorks.police.uk)

Support services

Support is also available from:

Doncaster Rape and Sexual Abuse Counselling Service (DRASACS)

DRASACS is an independent charity that has been helping victims of sexual violence since 1987. They are not part of the Police, NHS or any other public service.

Their aims are:

  • To relieve the distress of people who have suffered from rape or sexual abuse, in particular by providing a counselling and advocacy service
  • To relieve the distress of people supporting and/or caring for adults or children who have suffered from sexual violence
  • To advance the education of the public and other professionals, by raising awareness of the issue of sexual assault

Tel: 01302 360421.  Visit the DRASACS website: DRASACS

Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC)

Hackenthorpe Lodge SARC offers a comprehensive service for adults living in South Yorkshire, who have experienced sexual violence or sexual abuse. People that have been sexually assaulted can access Hackenthorpe Lodge via the Police and other professionals, as well as via the self-referral pathway.

At the SARC, individuals will be offered  support and guidance, a medical assessment/treatment, a forensic examination, and the opportunity of aftercare referrals for support services. Clients will be offered these services based on their individual needs, and can choose to use as much or as little of the service as they wish. 

The SARC can offer forensic examinations.  If something has happened to you within the past 7 days, they will give you the option to have an examination, which can help to preserve any evidence. They can offer this even if you don’t want to involve the Police at the moment but feel that you might want to in the future. The examination will be carried out by one of the specially trained nurse examiners, and you will be supported by one of the Support Workers throughout. Each stage will be explained to you beforehand so you are clear about what is involved and why it is required.

For more information visit the Hackenthorpe Lodge SARC website: Hackenthorpe Lodge - Home

Doncaster Domestic Abuse Hub 

If your abuser is a partner, ex-partner or family member and you are over 16 years old the sexual abuse can also be domestic abuse and their may be other types of abusive happening to you in addition to the sexual abuse. Practical and emotional support can be provided by the Doncaster Domestic Abuse Hub. 

Tel: 01302 737080. www.doncaster.gov.uk/domesticabuse 


South Yorkshire Police

Deciding whether to report a rape or sexual assault can be difficult and very personal. The below attached booklet has been written to provide information on the options available for reporting a sexual violence offence and accessing specialist sexual violence support in South Yorkshire.

RASSO Next Steps booklet
Download (730KB - PDF)


The National Sexual Abuse Helpline

If something sexual happened to you without your consent – or you're not sure – you can contact the national sexual abuse helpline. No matter when it happened. 

The 24/7 Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Line is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year: https://247sexualabusesupport.org.uk/

Call for free on Tel: 0808 500 2222. Or use the free online chat via the above link.

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