Prosecutions - not a registered carrier of waste with a view to profit

We have successfully prosecuted the following people for the collection of waste without being a registered waste carrier. Contrary to Section 1 (1) of the Control of Pollution ( Amendment ) Act 1989. Please note that offences of this nature are sometimes dealt with by means other than prosecution

February 2024

Alan Peers, Intake
Sentence: Fine £220, Costs £404.38, Victim surcharge £88. Did not attend court. Proven in absence.

Phillip Tuck, Bircotes
Sentence: Fine £220, Costs £455.36, Victim surcharge £88.

February 2019

Elvis Walker, Woodlands 
Sentence: Fine £200, Costs £218.23, Victim surcharge £30.

Mark Stanfield, Woodlands 
Sentence: Fine £200, Costs £218.23, Victim surcharge £30.

Christopher Baker, Conisbrough
Sentence: Fine £80, Costs £520, Victim surcharge £30. Consolidated with other fines, deducted from benefits. A collect order was made.


Last updated: 12 February 2024 15:35:30

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