Domestic and Sexual Abuse Partnership

The Doncaster Domestic and Sexual Abuse Partnership consists of professionals from across a wide range of agencies that are committed to putting an end to domestic and sexual abuse.

What is the partnership doing?

The partnership has set out a clear vision for tackling domestic and sexual abuse.  There is already some really positive work going on in the borough including:

  • Domestic and sexual abuse training for practitioners.  Training for employees working with people in Doncaster is vital so that they can spot the signs of domestic abuse, understand how difficult it is for people to get out of abusive relationships and to ensure that they know what services can provide specialist support.  Some agencies deliver their own domestic abuse training for their employees while others practitioners attend the multi-agency domestic abuse training. 
  • Referrals to specialist agencies.  Practitioners understand that sometimes people need help to get out of an abusive relationship and to keep themselves and their family safe.  By spotting the signs of abuse, asking the question and referring people for specialist help, practitioners are helping to prevent further harm and abuse.
  • Awareness campaigns.  Agencies ensure that they provide information in their premises about domestic and sexual abuse and where to get help, as well as on their websites.
  • Support for employees.  Domestic abuse can happen to anyone and Doncaster agencies recognise that they have people working for them that experience domestic and sexual abuse and have put practical measures in place for them while they get help to re-build their lives.
  • Funding domestic and sexual abuse services.  Agencies contribute to the costs of delivering specialist support services for victims of domestic and sexual abuse.  There is also funding for a voluntary programme to help those people who are being abusive.
  • Participation in the MARAC.  The MARAC is a Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference where practitioners work together to protect those people who are risk of further serious harm.  The MARAC representatives from agencies across Doncaster share relevant information to get a complete picture of what is happening in the family and work together to reduce or remove the risks of future abuse.


2021-2022 Annual Report

The Doncaster domestic abuse annual report 2021-2022 highlights the progress the domestic abuse partnership is making towards achieving the objectives set out in the Doncaster Domestic Abuse Strategy 2021-2024.  It shows that professionals, community activists and leaders, business representatives and members of the public have all been working hard to prevent domestic abuse and improve support for those who experience it - and of course holding abusers to account.

There is still much more that we need to do.  If you would like to be more involved in preventing and tackling domestic abuse in Doncaster please contact Karen Shooter, Domestic and Sexual Abuse Strategic Lead: 

Domestic homicide reviews

The latest homicide reviews are published on the following page:

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