Domestic abuse - Have your say?

Can you help us to improve services for other women, men and children who have suffered at the hands of abusers?

Your experiences of domestic abuse can help us to improve our services, publicity and training.  We want to know how you escaped the abuse, which agencies helped you and which agencies could have done more.  We want to know about the impact the abuse had on you and your children and how you think we can help other victims and survivors.


A message from our domestic abuse survivor worker

As a survivor (or I like to say strong woman now and take my perpetrator out the picture) I am so honoured to elevate all of your voices.

I’ve been where you have been, experienced some of the things that you have, felt the fear, isolation and lack of control over my life like I am sure you may be feeling, or have felt too.

I want to make sure that you don’t feel like that anymore or ever again. I can’t say I have a magic wand, I don’t, but along with my colleagues and other survivors I will work tirelessly to help you move past the abuse and be safe and happy.

I know how hard it is to challenge things, and people or have an idea but still not confident to voice it. That’s what I am here for. No judgement from me, the only stupid question is one not asked. This questionnaire comes to my eyes, A SURVIVOR, a victim of nearly two decades that felt I was handcuffed to a perpetrator by the systems designed to free me. I get it. The questionnaire gives me an anonymous confidential overview of your voices, what matters, what needs to change and, hey, what we are good at.

I can’t do this job on my own, I need you and want you on this journey with me. The new domestic abuse legislation gives us an opportunity to ensure we meet your needs and those of future victims. No training or awareness is better than lived experience, we are the most qualified off all to advise. I am here to make sure your needs are heard, and trust me, I will shout them loud and clearly for you.

This questionnaire could possibly bring back some things you may have wanted to forget please skip any questions you are uncomfortable with, and take your time, have a break and look after yourself. 

As it is anonymous you will not be contacted by anyone.  If you would like to contact me my email is and I so look forward to meeting you all in whatever way you feel safe. 

I am here for you.




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Remember, always call 999 in an emergency.

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