Alley gates are large gates installed in residential and commercial areas to restrict access to alleys and the rear of properties in order to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour.

There are approximately 350 alleygates installed throughout Doncaster.  These gates restrict access to the rear of properties from an alley and help to reduce crime and anti social behaviour, including arson and fly tipping.  This in turn can lead to improved community spirit and give residents a sense of ownership of the alleys. These gates are regularly maintained and serviced to make sure they are in working order.


Alleygate Keys

In order to maintain low crime levels, it is important to restrict the number of keys in circulation to each gate. Keys are only available to residents and homeowners - the first key is provided free of charge where proof of ID and address can be provided.  If you require a replacement or additional key, the cost is £18.50. Please request a key by:

  • noting the number of the gate on the sign fitted on the alleygate
  • Or use the link above and complete the online form
  • contacting customer services on 01302 736000 stating your request, along with your name and contact details


Alleygate Repairs

Doncaster Council continues to fund repairs to and maintenance of alleygates to ensure the safety and security of your property. Therefore please report any damage or repair required to alleygates by:

  • noting the number of the gate on the sign fitted on the alleygate
  • Use the link above to report your issue online detailing the nature of repair needed, along with the gate number, your name and contact details


How can I get alleygates in my area?

Alleygates are an expensive option in our battle against crime and anti-social behaviour, with significant ongoing maintenance costs. Taking this fact into consideration, and given the financial restraints the Council is working within, there is no funding currently available for installation of alleygates.  However, alley gates are just one of a number of tools that can be successful in reducing crime and anti-social behaviour, and you are encouraged to raise any issues with your Area Team, who work with residents to address issues of concern within neighbourhoods, and to advise on ways to tackle and resolve them.  Initial enquiries can be made via the Community Safety Team (


Public Space Protection Orders - Alleygates

Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) replaced Gating Orders when the law changed in 2014. All the Gating Orders that were in place on 19 October 2017 were treated as PSPOs.  Doncaster Council has reviewed and renewed the Alleygate PSPO as part of its Legal duty.  

The most recent PSPOs and associated maps can be found below:

Alleygate PSPO order 2024-1
Download (267KB - PDF)
PSPO order - Morley Road Rockingham Road Phase 1
Download (194KB - PDF)
PSPO order - Morley Road Rockingham Road Phase 2
Download (184KB - PDF)
Last updated: 02 April 2024 07:40:16

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