Alley gates

Alley gates are large gates installed in residential and commercial areas to restrict access to alleys and rear of properties in order to reduce crime and antisocial behaviour.

There are over 320 gates across Doncaster and they are regularly maintained and serviced to make sure they are in working order. 

Alleygates are an expensive option in our battle against crime and anti-social behaviour, with significant ongoing maintenance costs. Taking this fact into consideration, and given the financial restraints the Council is working under, there is no funding currently available for installation of alleygates.

However, alley gates are just one of a number of tools that can be successful in reducing crime and anti-social behaviour, and you are encouraged to raise any issues of crime and anti-social behaviour with your local Safer Neighbourhood Team.  It is an important part of their role to work with residents to address issues of concern within our neighbourhoods, and to advise on ways to tackle and resolve them. You can report issues via 01302 736000 or by email


 PSPO review consultation

Following the change in legislation in October 2017 all gating orders in place before this date have subsequently become Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO's). All aspects and enforcement provision with  the orders remain for 3 years

Doncaster Council are legally required to review the PSPOs every 3 years before making the decision to extending the order and the review process has recently commenced.
Therefore we invite you to contribute to the review process by completing the survey below. The council will then consider all comments received and determine whether to formally extend the PSPO.
You can complete the consultation survey by using the following link or you can email your response and comments to
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