Local Assistance Scheme

Our Local Assistance Scheme is designed to help the most vulnerable residents in meeting an immediate short-term need or maintaining their independence in the community.

Please note these awards are not granted to everyone, you must meet the qualifying conditions outlined below. 

Please read these before submitting an application.

Help can be given with daily living expenses and/or furniture items and white goods.

Daily Living Expenses to help meet an immediate short-term need for goods or services that has arisen due to an emergency, disaster or unforeseen circumstances. If your application is successful, assistance will be given by providing any of the following:

  • Food vouchers to purchase food;
  • Energy vouchers that can be used to pay your gas or electricity supplier;
  • Vouchers for clothing including school uniform;
  • Help with unavoidable travel expenses to hospital or emergency accommodation, or to attend a family funeral.

Furniture items and white goods such as cookers, washing machines, beds and bedding to help you remain in the community, or move back into the community after a period in supported or temporary accommodation. 

Qualifying conditions

We only have a limited amount of funding for the scheme which means we have to make sure we are helping the most vulnerable residents who cannot meet their need in any other way. To be eligible for assistance from the scheme you must:

  • Be aged 16 or over and have no other form of immediate financial assistance, for example, family, friends, employer, savings or other available funding; and
  • Live in Doncaster or be planning to move to Doncaster following a period in supported, emergency or unsettled accommodation. If you are planning to move to Doncaster, you must have proven links to Doncaster, for example, you must have previously lived here during the last six months or have close family members living here.

In addition, you must also meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Be in receipt of a means-tested benefit (Jobseeker’s Allowance, Income Support, Employment and Support Allowance, the basic level of Universal Credit, Guarantee Pension Credit).
  • Be on a low income which would normally mean you are receiving the maximum rate of Council Tax Support for the address you live at (even if you don’t receive any of the above means-tested benefits).
  • Be temporarily without any income, for example, if you are fleeing domestic violence.

Normally only one award from the Local Assistance Scheme will be made to you or your household within a 12 month period unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Other sources of help and support

We have attached some information to this page giving details of other local organisations that can help people who are facing emergency or crisis situations. If you do not think you will qualify for help from our Local Assistance Scheme or, if you apply and your application is unsuccessful, please contact one or more of these organisations depending on your circumstances.

Make an application

The Fact Sheet attached to this page gives more information about our Local Assistance Scheme. Please read this before applying for help. Please also read the Privacy Notice which tells you how we will use the information you provide in your application.

You can only apply online using the following link:


For further information, please contact us:

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