How to appeal

You can appeal directly to Doncaster Council about certain Council Tax matters which are explained below.

You can appeal:

  • if we are charging you Council Tax and you do not think that you are the person who should pay
  • if you think you should get a discount or disabled persons reduction and we are not giving you one
  • if you think you should be exempt and we have not granted an exemption

If you are appealing for any of the above reasons you can submit your appeal online by clicking on the button below. You can also contact the Council Tax Office, where we will look at your appeal within two months. If you are still not happy with the outcome of your appeal you can appeal to the Valuation Tribunal within a further two months.

Appeals against completion notices

Formal appeals against completion notices should be made direct to the Valuation Tribunal within four weeks of the date of your completion notice. However, please contact Doncaster Council in the first instance. In certain cases an agreement may be made to change the date taking into account your current circumstances and a formal appeal may not be necessary.

Appeals against your Council Tax band

You can appeal against the valuation band of your property:

  • if the whole or part of the property has been demolished
  • if you have moved house and think the valuation band of your new house is wrong, for example because it has been put into a higher band because of improvements (you must appeal within six months of taking over the property)
  • if the surroundings of the property have changed

If you are thinking about making an appeal against the valuation band of your property, please remember that the valuation was based on property prices compiled by the Valuation Office as at the 1st April, 1991. You cannot compare the price of a property you have recently bought to the valuation band the property is in.

If you would like some more information about valuation appeals or if you would like to appeal against the valuation band of your property, contact:

The Listing Officer
Valuation Office Agency
Greenfield House
32 Scotland Street
S3 7DF

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