Housing benefit and Council Tax support forms

Forms, leaflets and fact sheets for advice, information and applying for housing benefit and council tax support.

Claiming housing benefit and Council Tax Support 

Please click on the following link to apply for Housing Benefit and Local Council Tax Support

Appointee form

 For customers unable to act for themselves to make their claim please complete the following form:

Backdating benefit

The following download gives information about the reasons why we may, or may not, backdate your benefit or support:

Backdating Benefit
Download (183KB - PDF)

To make an online request for your claim to be backdated please complete the following:

BACS form to pay benefit into landlord's bank account

BACS form to pay benefit into tenant's bank account

Basic bank accounts

Provides general information about some of the basic accounts available

Basic Bank Accounts
Download (202KB - PDF)

Change of Circumstances form

To report a change after you claim (for example, income increase, started work) please complete the following:

Childcare charges form

For if you or your partner work full-time and pay childminding costs to a registered childminder, a registered nursery or play-scheme, or an after-school club

Dispute form

To start the process if you disagree with our decision complete the following:

How we work out your benefit

Tells you how your housing benefit and Council Tax Support are calculated

How we work out your benefit
Download (160KB - PDF)

Income and Expenditure form

Information to support request to reduce repayment recovery below standard recovery rates should be provided on the following form:

Money and debt advice

This download contains useful information about how to manage your money

Download (186KB - PDF)

Need to sell your home and want to rent it back

The Department for Work and Pensions' (DWP) leaflet 'Sale and Rent Back' gives advice to homeowners who have to, or have already had to sell their home and are considering renting it back from the new owner

Sale and rent back
Download (45KB)


Explains who is considered a 'non-dependant' when calculating how much benefit or support you may be entitled to

Non Dependants
Download (138KB - PDF)

Notice Period claim

If you have to leave a property before your notice period ends, you may be able to receive Housing Benefit to cover the period. Please complete the following:

Notice Period claim
Download (134KB - PDF)

Proof of earnings form

If you or your partner are working and you are unable to provide pay slips with your application please complete the following:

Proof of rent form

For private landlords to complete if you do not have a tenancy or licence agreement with them:

Self-employed earnings information

This form allows you to provide details of your self-employed income and expenses:

Sharing information agreement

This form gives permission for information to be disclosed to your landlord. Not required if you have signed the 'Sharing information with your landlord' part of the claim form.

Student Information

If you or your partner are a student please complete the following form:

What to do if you don't agree with your benefit

The download below explains what you should do if you don't agree with your benefit or support decision:

What to do if you think your benefit is wrong
Download (138KB - PDF)
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