Vehicle sales guidelines and requirements

Used vehicle sales guidelines and requirements:

  • all vehicles sold will be roadworthy and where appropriate must have a current MOT certificate with at least 6 months to run

  • all information relating to the vehicle, including condition, status and history will be made available to any prospective purchaser

  • prior to sale, all reasonable steps will be taken to verify the recorded mileage of the vehicle. If this cannot be established with any certainty, then the Member must effectively disclaim the recorded mileage. Any disclaimer must also be included in any sales documentation

  • if within 12 months of a sale it is found that the recorded mileage for a vehicle is false to a material degree, then the Member will refund the full purchase price to the customer. Where there is any confusion as to ‘full refund’, the decision of the Trading Standards Service will be final

  • if a replacement odometer is fitted to a vehicle, the true mileage must be recorded and supplied in writing to the customer. At the point of sale, an indication of the mileage must be displayed on the vehicle

  • where a true record of the vehicle’s mileage does not exist, an effective disclaimer must be used at the point of sale

  • any unroadworthy vehicle shall be kept separate from other vehicles. Any such vehicle shall have a notice clearly attached stating, ‘This vehicle is un-roadworthy and should not be driven on a public highway until repaired and declared roadworthy’. This notice shall be repeated in any sales documentation. Members must ensure as far as is reasonably possible that the vehicle is not driven from the premises, and that no MOT Certificate or Road Fund Licence is provided with the vehicle

  • all roadworthy vehicles shall be available for test drive by the customer

  • service books should only be replaced where proof of ownership is shown. If a replacement Service Book is provided, certain information must be recorded including details of the vehicle, ownership, mileage, date and the fact that the book is a replacement

Requirements for new vehicle sales

Where changes or amendments occur to vehicle specification or their delivery arrangements, these changes must be communicated to the customer at the earliest opportunity.

Last updated: 26 April 2021 09:30:37