What is a taxi rank and where are they located?

Hackney Carriages (taxis) can be hailed (flagged down) directly from the street or hired from taxi ranks.

There are a number of taxi ranks located in the town centre (click the street name to open up multimap);

St. Sepulchre Gate - Full time rank with space for 11 taxis.

High Street - Full time rank.

East Laithe Gate - Full time rank with space for 6 taxis.

Cleveland Street - Used between 23.00 - 06.00 with space for 2 taxis.

Hallgate - Used between 23.00 - 06.00. 

Silver Street - Used between 23.00 - 06.00.

Market Place - Used between 18.00 - 08.00 with space for 2 taxis.

Printing Office Street - Used between 18.00 - 06.00

Leger Way (outside the Doncaster Racecourse near the Grandstand) - Used on race days only, has space for 25 taxis.

The Car Park at Market Place, Bawtry - Monday – Sunday between 10pm and 2am with space for 3 taxis. 

There are also a ranks outside Doncaster Railway Station and Robin Hood Airport - These ranks are not operated by Doncaster Council


Please Note

Private Hire Vehicles can not be 'flagged down' or hired from a taxi rank, by law they must be pre-booked.

Ordinance Survey Map

Please see the PDF document 'Taxi Ranks' for locations of the town centre ranks:

Taxi ranks
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