How is my property valued?

The rateable value of non-domestic properties is fixed, in most cases, by an independent officer of the Valuation Office Agency.

 All properties on which Business Rates are payable and their Rateable Values are held in the Local Rating List. This list is prepared by the Valuation Office Agency and a copy can be inspected at:

The current Rating List came in to force on 1st April 2017 and the rateable values  represent the open market rental value of each property as at 1st April 2015.

The valuation officer may alter the rateable value of a property, if he/she believes that its circumstances may have changed.

The ratepayer (and certain others who have an interest in the property) may also propose a change in value.

If, in any case, the ratepayer and the valuation officer do not agree, the matter will be referred, as an appeal to the Valuation Tribunal. Information about the circumstances in which a change in rateable value may be proposed and how such a proposal may be made is available from the Valuation Office Agency above.

Further information and advice about Valuation Tribunal Services is published in several information leaflets on the:


What if I think that my Business Rates are too high?

Although the council collects the Business Rate, the actual Rateable Values of business properties, on which business rates are calculated, are set by The Inland Revenue Valuation Officer. Information regarding rateable values and how to appeal can be found at 


Rating agents

There are many rating agents and surveyors who will offer to put an appeal in for you, the majority are professionally qualified, but you are able to make the appeal yourself, free of charge. Contact the Valuation Officer and he/she will be pleased to give you any assistance that you may need.

Please note: if you make an appeal your Business Rates can go up as well as down.

Such grounds of appeal may be that :

  • you think the initial value shown in the Rating List is wrong
  • the Valuation Officer has altered the value and you think it is wrong
  • there has been a material change in circumstances affecting your property, e.g. part of the property has been demolished
  • you think too much of your property is rated, e.g. part is domestic
  • you think your property should be rated in separate parts or several properties should be rated as one
  • there has been a decision of the Valuation Tribunal, the Lands Tribunal or the courts which you think has a bearing on the rateable value for your property
  • you think there is an error in the Rating List for your property. For example, the address or description is incorrect or a change in rateable value is shown as taking effect from the wrong date        


What do I pay while I am waiting for my appeal to be dealt with?

You cannot withhold any payment pending the outcome of an appeal. Legally the council must bill you based on the rateable value that the rating list shows at that time. You will be legally obliged to pay in accordance with the bill sent you.

The Valuation Officer can backdate amendments to the rateable value. Where this results in you having paid too much we will automatically refund any overpayment you have made. In addition you are entitled to statutory interest on that overpayment. The Government sets the rate of interest payable each year.

If you do not pay as demanded, and we have to enforce payment, you could forfeit the right to receive interest on any subsequent overpayment.

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