Benefits to business

The benefits of the motor trade partnership scheme to business are:

  • increased consumer confidence and reduced number of complaints
  • recognition of business standards and good practice
  • publicity, advertising, marketing opportunities and use of the Partnership logo
  • provision of information and legal advice on Trading Standards legislation and current issues
  • trading standards web pages providing links to company details, partnership information and links to businesses websites
  • a consumer guide, giving details of the Partnership, will be provided for distribution to customers
  • members will be awarded an annual certificate
  • direct liaison with nominated officers in Trading Standards
  • free assistance and advice on general staff training will be given as appropriate
  • comprehensive training package tailored to specific needs
  • forum meetings will be arranged on an annual basis
  • members of the partnership will be notified of changes in relevant legislation
  • Free Alternative Dispute Resolution Service 

Pre contract information

  • all changes regarding the implementation of pre contract information came from The Consumer Credit (Disclosure of Information) Regulations 2004 and The Consumer Credit (Agreements) (Amendments) Regulations 2004
  • the Regulations stipulate the order that information, statements of protection and remedies, signature and other boxes must be in
  • all agreements will have to show a total charge for credit, the rate of interest and a statement explaining how and when interest charges are calculated
  • terms and conditions will have to be the same size as other information but headings, trade names and the names of the parties can be given more prominence
  • the document must be headed with the words “Pre Contract Information” 
  • specific information must be disclosed before an agreement is made
  • consumers must have a summary of the key features that they can use to help them compare products and select the best
  • pre contract information must be separate from an agreement document although being in the same folder or pack is acceptable
  • lenders may use estimated information where the information that will be included in the agreement is not known
  • all of the information and wording must be of equal prominence apart from the headings
  • the customer must be able to take away the document
Last updated: 15 December 2020 11:48:16