Alternative Dispute Resolution - Annual Report 2021-22

Annual report under regulation 11 of The Alternative Dispute Resolution for Consumer Disputes (Competent Authorities and Information) Regulations 2015

Annual Report 2021-22

Report for the year ending 30th June 2022

(a) the number of domestic disputes the ADR entity has received;

No. enquiries received (domestic) - 76
No. enquiries received (cross-border) - 0
No. disputes received (domestic) - 76
No. disputes received (cross-border) - 0
No. disputes accepted (continued to case) (domestic) - 76*
No. disputes accepted (continued to case) (cross-border) - 0

*76 cases went to Level 1 (mediation) for resolution.
*10 cases progressed to Level 2 (arbitration) for resolution.

(b) the types of complaints to which the domestic disputes and cross-border disputes relate;

Types of disputes:

Faulty Consumer Goods
Refund of Deposit

(c) a description of any systematic or significant problems that occur frequently and lead to disputes between consumers and traders of which the ADR entity has become aware due to its operations as an ADR entity;

(d) any recommendations the ADR entity may have as to how the problems referred to in paragraph (c) could be avoided or resolved in future, in order to raise traders’ standards and to facilitate the exchange of information and best practices;

(e) the number of disputes which the ADR entity has refused to deal with, and the percentage share of the grounds set in paragraph 13 of Schedule 3 on which the ADR entity has declined to consider such disputes;

Total no. of disputes rejected - 10

a) the consumer has not attempted to contact the trader first - 1 or 10%
b) the dispute was frivolous or vexatious - 2 or 20%
c) the dispute had been previously considered by another ADR body or the court - 0
d) the value fell below the monetary value - 0
e) the consumer did not submit the disputes within the time period specified - 1 or 10%
f) dealing with the dispute would have impaired the operation of the ADR body - 0
g) other (enquired too early, not yet complained to trader, trader not member, advice call etc… - 6 or 60%

(f) the percentage of alternative dispute resolution procedures which were discontinued for operational reasons and, if known, the reasons for discontinuation;

No. discontinued - 0

(g) the average time taken to resolve domestic disputes and cross-border disputes;

Average time taken to resolve disputes (from receipt of complaint) - 53 days
Average time taken to resolve disputes (from ‘complete complaint file’) - 45 days
Total average time taken to resolve disputes - 53 days

(h) the rate of compliance, if known, with the outcomes the alternative dispute resolution procedures (amongst your members, or those you provide ADR for);


(i) this point has been removed in amendments on 1 January 2021

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