Doncaster Environment Fund

Are you a local organisation, a school or a community group that wants to make an improvement to Doncaster's environment?

Doncaster Council is responsible for the management of waste and recycling from households and businesses in the borough.  The Council works closely with specialist contractors to effectively manage waste in line with the Governments Waste Hierarchy i.e; Reduce, Re-use, Recycle, Recover and as a last resort Dispose of the waste collected.

The Contractors we work with want to help those in Doncaster who want to improve our environment by making funding available, specifically for projects which improve our local natural environment, reduce waste and increase recycling.

Funding is available to community, voluntary and environmental groups, charities and not for profit organisations who would benefit from financial assistance to deliver on projects that benefit our environment.

Further information about our contractors and the funding available can be found below. 

SUEZ Environment UK Ltd - Responsible for the collection of waste and recycling from homes and businesses in the borough. SUEZ's Environment fund 2019 made £20,000 available for environmental projects in Doncaster, information about the winners and projects funded can be found on the following page Doncaster Environment Fund. This round of funding will be open again in 2020. 

FCC Environment UK LtdFCC Environment is working with Barnsley, Doncaster and Rotherham Councils to help projects which look to benefit the local environment. The Community Chest Fund supports projects which aim to improve the reducing, reusing or recycling of waste within the local community.

Who can apply?

The Community Chest Fund is available to:
  • community groups
  • voluntary groups
  • environmental groups
  • charities
  • education groups
  • non-profit organisations

    All applicants must have a constitution and bank account with auditable accounts. The fund will be available to any environmental improvement project within each borough where the project involves improvements to waste reduction, recycling or re-use.

Types of projects that will be funded

Projects that will be funded will demonstrate an improvement to open spaces or public areas.
  • Support local environmental communication and education campaigns.
  • Equipment support for local clean-up projects.
  • Support recycling and waste reduction initiatives.

How much funding is available?

A total fund of £1,500 is available each year for projects in Doncaster.

Does your application meet the criteria?

Applications will be measured by the criteria of the FCC contract manager and the designated council's representative.
All applicants will be notified on 1 February 2020 whether successful or otherwise. Further information may be required from applicants.
Close attention will be paid to projects that will deliver the most benefit to the community they represent.

How will my project be monitored?

A monthly update is required along with an end project report outlining the successes and aims achieved.

How to apply for the Community Chest Fund

You can apply for the fund by downloading an application form and emailing it to FCC Environment at Make sure that you send your completed application before 31 December 2019.


Renewi plc - Responsible for the treatment and recovery of Doncasters' waste. Information about future funding is available on the following page Renewi Corporate Social Responsibility Fund


To apply for the funding you need to do the following:


Please keep checking back on this page for available funding.






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