Reduce your waste by composting

Composting is one of the best ways to reduce waste and help the environment:

  • 20 per cent of all the waste in an average household bin is made up of organic material
  • when sent to landfill this organic waste rots and creates harmful greenhouse gases
  • much of this organic waste could be diverted from landfill and put to good use elsewhere without causing any environmental damage
  • composting is even more environmentally friendly than recycling as no energy is required for transport or in the recycling process - it also provides you with a free product to use in your own garden

Garden composters

Garden composters can be made of various materials including wood, recycled plastic and are used to contain biodegradable waste in your garden. Using a composter can help to prevent odours in your household waste bin, as it takes away many of the items that are likely to smell.

To find out more about composting download the frequently asked questions document below:

Composting faqs
Download (52KB)

Please note: the Council do not provide garden compost bins.

Kitchen composters

Kitchen composters or 'Bokashi bins' are 18 litre counter top composters which can be used to compost virtually 100 per cent of all kitchen waste, including meat, fish, dairy products and cooked food.

An incredible 9,000 Bokashi bins were distributed across Doncaster in 2007. Although this offer has now ended Bokashi bins are widely available from suppliers on the internet, or from gardening and DIY stores.

To find out more about how Bokashi bins work download the kitchen composters document below:

Kitchen composters
Download (458KB)

Please note: the Council do not provide kitchen compost bins.


Free booklet on composting

To receive a free copy of the Composting for all booklet, contact the Waste and Recycling team on: 

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