Support for our Armed Forces Community

Information about the support and services available for the Doncaster Armed Forces Community.

Who makes up the Armed Forces Community?

The Armed Forces Community includes:

  • Regular, Reserve and Retired (veterans) that are serving or have served in the armed forces (Army, Navy, RAF).
  • Polish free forces who served in WW2.
  • Merchant Navy who have served in support of British military operations (Suez, Falklands).

What support am I entitled to?

We are committed to supporting Doncaster's military service personnel and veterans as an MOD Employer Recognition Gold Award employer, through Executive Mayor Ros Jones' pledge and through our Armed Forces Champion, Councillor Paul Wray.

As a member of Doncaster's Armed Forces Community, you and your immediate family are entitled to the following through the Armed Forces Covenant:

  • Not being at a disadvantage when trying to access public services such as health care, housing, employment, education and welfare.
  • Special consideration where appropriate in some cases, especially for those who have given the most such as the injured and the bereaved.

Where can I find more information?

For information about the support and services available for the Doncaster Armed Forces Community please visit the  Your Life Doncaster webpage. 

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What are Doncaster Council doing to support the Armed Forces Community?

Doncaster Council signed the Armed Forces Covenant in 2011, and later re-signed in 2015.

We have an Armed Forces and Veterans Steering Group that monthly, which brings together key organisations to identify key issues across partnerships affecting the Armed Forces Community and work together to ensure that these are challenged and changed. We also work together to develop good practice in implementing the Armed Forces Covenant across Doncaster. The meeting is chaired by a private chair and the group work on an annual action plan which is aligned to the National Veteran's Strategy. Each year we create an annual report which provides a summary of the key pieces of work we have achieved in the last year.

View our Veterans Steering Group Newsletters

Who's involved?

We have an Elected Armed Forces Champion, Councillor Paul Wray. In this role, he raises awareness of the Armed Forces Covenant and promotes the interests of the Armed Forces Community across Doncaster.

In 2016, Doncaster Council were awarded the Employer Recognition Scheme Gold Award for our commitment as an employer to the Armed Forces Community. We have a specific Reserve Forces Policy which supports employees to fulfil their Reservist duties; one way this is achieved is entitling reservist employees to an additional 15 days paid leave each year to fulfil their reservist commitments.

Regional Work

In 2017 Doncaster Council, together with the other South Yorkshire local authorities were successful in a bid to the Armed Forces Covenant Fund trust to strengthen the delivery of the Covenant across South Yorkshire. This project included the delivery of 24 Military Human training sessions in each Local Authority area across a 2 year period. The one day training course is aimed at front line members of staff and aims to give an in-depth understanding of the Armed Forces Community and enables staff to provide a more effective service to this client group. Over 300 members of front line staff from across Doncaster completed the training.  You can read the one year report here. A research project was lead and delivered by Sheffield Hallam University to map the size and needs of the Armed Forces Community across South Yorkshire. The results of the survey are published here

Doncaster Council were also successful in a second bid with other local authorities in the Hull/Humber region to include; Hull City Council, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, North Lincolnshire Council and North East Lincolnshire Council. The project focused on developing internal and external communications of the Armed Forces Covenant, the delivery of Military Human and Mental Health First Aid training across the region and hosting an annual Armed Forces regional conference.

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