Councils have a legal duty to provide protection of property under s47 of the Care Act 2014. This applies where a person is admitted to hospital, residential or nursing care or removed from their home and relocated under the Care Act and no one has been identified as being able to protect the property on behalf of the client.

Doncaster Council will take reasonable steps to safeguard movable property of an eligible person that might be deemed to be at risk of damage or loss, if there are no alternative arrangements available, and having due regard to the health and safety of staff performing this duty.

The local authority has a duty to undertake the following:

  • Securing the clients property
  • Conducting inventories of service users property
  • Storage of service users property
  • Arranging for the boarding of pets
  • Arranging for the valuation, sale or disposal of a service users property

Doncaster Council does not currently charge for the protection of property services but will expect in majority of cases the person being supported by Adult Social Care to reimburse the council for expenditure made on their behalf, These could be one off costs such as new locks or ongoing costs such as kennel fees.

The Safeguarding Adults Personal Assets Team (SAPAT) will ensure the property is locked and secured and a photographic inventory is carried out. Small items of high value maybe removed for safekeeping alongside items such as money, bank cards, cheque books, bank statements, investments, bonds etc.

Last updated: 02 May 2019 11:42:28

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