How to report a concern

Whenever anyone is concerned that a hospital or care home has or may have been depriving a person of their liberty without applying for DoLS authorisation they should report their concerns.

In the first instance, advise the hospital or care home of your concerns wherever possible, so they can review the arrangements in light of your comments. The hospital or care home can itself issue an urgent authorisation that lasts for 7 days, and request a standard authorisation be in place after this.

If after a reasonable period, normally considered to be 24 hours, you remain concerned that the hospital or care home is continuing to deprive someone of their liberty without seeking authorisation, you should make a third party request to Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council DOLS Team at:

Safeguarding Hub
Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council
Adult Health and Wellbeing
Mary Woollett Centre
Danum Road

Tel: 01302 736097
Fax: 01302 737434

Deciding whether to Raise a Safeguarding Concern

A deprivation of liberty should always be addressed with urgency through the appropriate authorisation process. 

However, there may be some occasions where an unauthorised deprivation of liberty means that a safeguarding concern needs to be raised.

The following are examples of when it may be appropriate to raise a safeguarding concern:

  • where a person is deprived of their liberty without appropriate authorisation, and this is overly restrictive and is not addressed in timely manner given all the circumstances
  • where a person is deprived of their liberty without appropriate authorisation, resulting in the person experiencing harm; this may include physical harm or emotional/psychological distress, or the loss of fundamental human rights
  • where a hospital or care home repeatedly or seriously fails in its responsibilities to seek appropriate authorisation to review the arrangements in place, or to end a deprivation of liberty after it is no longer required

For general information, advice and guidance about safeguarding adults call the Safeguarding Adults Hub on: 01302 736296 

Or send a text message (for people from the deaf community): 0797 903 1116

Or contact an emergency out of hours number: 01302 796000

Visit the general Compliments and Complaints page.

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