By providing ‘just in time’ information, eLearning provides an efficient and effective learning experience. ELearning can be accessed as and when necessary and training can be broken up into bite sized sessions to fit in with work schedules and other priorities.

Introduction to E-Learning

E-Learning is a term for learning and teaching delivered, enabled and supported by electronic technology. It can include:

  • on line courses which may have quizzes and questionnaires
  • links to materials, policies and books
  • access to and sharing of knowledge through technology

It provides an alternative delivery method that can be more flexible to fit around how people want to learn.

  • It provides learning ‘just in time’ with access through an internet enabled computer
  • It decreases the amount of time spent away from the workplace
  • It enables access to learning for staff adopting more flexible ways of working

You can access our guidance document below to assist you in making best use of the e-learning available.

Download (64KB - DOC)

Doncaster Council’s ‘Developing You’

To access Doncaster Council’s Developing You E-Learning just click here.

Once on the Learning Zone you can also access all the additional resources provided by SCILS, to which the Council subscribe, to ensure that all care and support providers can make use of the information and learning opportunities they offer free of charge.

The Council provide a range of e-learning which can be accessed free of charge by clicking the link below.

Developing You

Learning Pool is the provider for the majority of the Council’s E-Learning. Their system enables us to access courses they have developed, courses created by other local authorities and any that we commission or develop in-house.


Social Care Information and Learning Services is an online learning resource/community dedicated to the Health and Social Care Sector.

A wide range of social care materials are available either for online or group learning along with other services that support social care professionals in furthering their knowledge.

Doncaster Council pays an annual subscription which allows anyone within the Doncaster Council area who cares for, or supports a vulnerable adult(s) whether paid or unpaid, working for the Council or an independent organisation or private employer, to access the resources on the site.

SCILS have also worked with Learning Pool our E-Learning provider to establish a link which means that once you register and log on to our Learning Zone, you can automatically access the SCILS website and all its resources without having to register separately on SCILS.

If however you just want to access the SCILS resources directly please contact the Adults Workforce team at for details on how to register.


Last updated: 23 August 2023 09:46:30

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