Adult Social Care Practice Framework

Our vision is for every person in Doncaster to live in the place they call home with the people and things that they love, in communities where they look out for one another, doing things that matter to them.

To help us achieve this vision, we have developed a new practice framework to anchor our practice, and adopted Think Local Act Personal's Making It Real framework to describe what really good, personalised care and support looks like for Doncaster people.




We want every person in Doncaster to live in the place they call home with the people and things that they love, in communities where they look out for one another, doing things that matter to them.


Everybody People with urgent needs for support People with longer-term needs for support

We listen to people to understand what matters to them.

We make connections and build relationships to improve people’s wellbeing and independence.

We don’t make long term plans in a crisis.

We work with people until we’re sure there is no immediate risk to their safety, health or wellbeing, and they have regained stability and control in their life.
If people need longer-term care and support, we work with them to understand what a good life looks like for them. We make sure they have resources and support to live the life they choose and do the things that matter to them as independently as possible.


Hope Connection Relationships Inclusion Flexibility Rights

We focus on possibilities, dreams and aspirations. We don’t limit people’s choices.

We explore ways to involve people in their communities.

We make and maintain meaningful connections.

We support people to keep existing relationships and make sure they have opportunities to build new ones.

We don’t judge people or make assumptions.

We involve people as equal partners in conversations and decisions about them, their families and their communities.

We are willing and able to adapt.

Our approach is responsive and proportionate.

We make sure people know their rights.

We promote autonomy, choice and self-determination.


We’re kind We behave We’re trusting We’re transparent We’re present We’re honest

We respect and understand people as individuals.

We don’t make snap judgements.

We know and follow the law, ethics and best practice.

We are always open to improvement.

We know people tend to be honest and know what’s right for them.

We listen and we keep an open mind.

We’re open about our rules, making them clear so people

know what they can and cannot expect.

We connect and engage well with people.

We respond in a timely manner.

We are honest about what we are going to do.

When we say we are going to do something, we do it.


We know the language we use matters. We use plain, respectful and kind language.



Wellbeing and independence Information and advice   Advice and supportive communities Flexible and integrated care and   support When things need to   change Workforce
Living the life I want, keeping safe and well Having the information I need, when I need it  Keeping family, friends and connections My support, my own way Staying in control The people who support me


Better experiences and better lives
for Doncaster people
Improved morale and satisfaction
for Doncaster’s workforce
More sustainable use
of resources


Get Involved

We want to make sure that Doncaster people and carers are involved as equal partners in designing their own care and support, and in shaping future ways of working. 

If you’d like to get involved, or you’d like to know more about our practice framework, please contact us at

Making it Real - Think Local Act Personal A framework to support good personalised care and support for providers, commissioners and people who access services. 


Last updated: 17 November 2023 12:41:29

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