News feeds allow you to see when websites have added new content. You can get things like the latest headlines, events and video in one place, as soon as they're published, without having to visit the websites you have taken the feed from.

Feeds are generally known as RSS ('Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication') which are just web pages, designed to be read by computers rather than people and can often be identified through a fairly standardised logo, which is often orange in colour. Here is our version: Really Simple Syndication

How do they work?

You will need one of the following to read RSS feeds:

  • a modern web browser - some allow you to 'bookmark' a feed which will automatically pull through the latest headlines for you
  • web-based news reader
  • desktop news reader - this includes dedicated software as well as popular email clients which often have RSS reading facilities
  • news reader mobile app

What feeds do we have?

We offer our latest news as an RSS feed. You can copy the link and add it to your favourite RSS reader to keep up to date with our news.

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