Elected Mayor and Cabinet

Cabinet members and their portfolios

Mayor Ros Jones

Ros Jones CBE

Mayor of Doncaster

Tel: 01302 862225


The Mayor will lead and oversee the delivery of all the priorities of Doncaster Council, working with colleagues across Team Doncaster and councillors from across the borough.

Councillor Glyn Jones

Councillor Glyn Jones

Cabinet Member for Housing and Business

Tel: 01302 734781

Email: glyn.jones@doncaster.gov.uk

Councillor Glyn Jones will be the Deputy Mayor, assisting the Mayor on regional and national issues. As Cabinet Member for Housing he will oversee the development of new council housing, modernisation and improvements to existing council housing and oversee the support for tenants and the council's work to tackle homelessness.

Councillor Jones will also lead on Business, overseeing our priority of generating more high-skilled and well paid jobs to the borough, as well as supporting existing businesses and attracting new businesses to the Doncaster borough.

Councillor Lani-Mae Ball

Councillor Lani-Mae Ball

Cabinet Member for Education, Skills and Young People

Tel: 01302 736135

Email: lani-mae.ball@doncaster.gov.uk

Councillor Lani-Mae Ball will support the education and opportunities of our young people.  This portfolio will also include the newly devolved Adult Education Services which enable residents to acquire the skills they need to move into or progress in a job, a traineeship, an apprenticeship, or further learning.

Councillor Lani-Mae Ball will also lead on engagement with our schools, young people and our youth services.

Councillor Nigel Ball

Councillor Nigel Ball

Cabinet Member for Public Health, Leisure, Culture and Planning

Tel: 01302 734789

Email: nigel.ball@doncaster.gov.uk

Councillor Nigel Ball will be focusing on improving Public Health and Wellbeing, promoting healthy lifestyles and tackling issues such as obesity, substance misuse and mental health.  He will also lead on leisure and culture, including libraries, museums, archives and leisure centres.

With responsibility for planning, he will lead on reforms to planning policy, including the Local Plan and Neighbourhood Plans.

Councillor Joe Blackham

Councillor Joe Blackham

Cabinet Member for Highways, Infrastructure and Enforcement

Tel: 01302 734788

Email: joe.blackham@doncaster.gov.uk

Councillor Joe Blackham will lead on the maintenance and improvement of our local highways and infrastructure network, street cleansing and grass cutting services.  In addition, this portfolio will include the council's fly-tipping response and enforcement services.

Councillor Rachael Blake

Councillor Rachael Blake

Cabinet Member for Children's Social Care, Communities and Equalities

Tel: 01302 734784

Email: rachael.blake@doncaster.gov.uk

Councillor Rachael Blake will work with Doncaster Children's Services Trust to ensure children in Doncaster are kept as safe as possible.  In addition, this portfolio will also include being the lead on our work with local communities, equalities and cohesion.

Councillor Phil Cole

Councillor Phil Cole

Cabinet Member for Finance and Trading Services

Tel: 01302 736280

Email: phil.cole@doncaster.gov.uk

Councillor Phil Cole will lead on Council Spending, Financial Management, Procurement, Internal Audit and Trading Services.

Trading Services includes responsibility for Doncaster's school cleaning and catering services, markets and bereavement services.

Councillor Mark Houlbrook

Councillor Mark Houlbrook

Cabinet Member for Sustainability and Waste

Tel: 01302 736055 

Email: mark.houlbrook@doncaster.gov.uk

As Cabinet Member for Sustainability and Waste, Councillor Mark Houlbrook will lead on the Climate Change and Biodiversity Agenda, as we strive for an 85% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and achieve net-zero emissions by 2040.  His portfolio will also include Flood Preparation and Alleviation, Household Waste Recycling, Environment and Sustainability Strategy.

Councillor Mark Houlbrook has also been appointed by the Mayor as Armed Forces Champion for Doncaster.

Councillor Jane Nightingale

Councillor Jane Nightingale

Cabinet Member for Corporate Resources

Tel: 01302 734783

Email: jane.nightingale@doncaster.gov.uk

Councillor Jane Nightingale will have responsibility for Corporate Resources and Customer Services, overseeing the council's programme to improve the experience of local residents and businesses who engage with the council.  This portfolio will also include services such as Revenues and Benefits, Legal and Democratic Services, and Registrars.

Councillor Andrea Robinson

Councillor Andrea Robinson

Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care

Tel: 01302 737331

Email: andrea.robinson@doncaster.gov.uk

As Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care, Councillor Andrea Robinson will lead our programme to transform the way Adult Social Care is provided across Doncaster.  Her work will include overseeing services and activities to help people live independently in their own home and community, and ensuring that quality residential care is available across the borough.

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