Elected Cabinet

Cabinet members and their portfolios

Ros Jones

Mayor Ros Jones

Mayor of Doncaster

Tel: 01302 862225


The Mayor will be overseeing the delivery of all of our priorities but will take personal responsibility for working with colleagues across the Council to set and manage the budget and policy framework.

Glynn Jones

Councillor Glyn Jones

Cabinet Member for Housing and Equalities

Tel: 01302 734781

Email: glyn.jones@doncaster.gov.uk

Councillor Jones will be the Deputy Mayor, assisting the Mayor on regional and national issues. As Cabinet Member with responsibility for housing, Councillor Jones will oversee the development of new Council Houses, as well as working in partnership with relevant Government agencies, house builders and landlords, to help meet the current and future housing needs of people in Doncaster.  As part of this role, Councillor Jones will oversee support for tenants and the Council's work to tackle homelessness.  He will also lead our work on equalities and cohesion.

Nigel Ball

Councillor Nigel Ball

Cabinet Member for Public Health, Leisure and Culture

Tel: 01302 734789

Email: nigel.ball@doncaster.gov.uk

Councillor Ball will be focusing on improving public health and wellbeing, promoting healthy lifestyles and tackling issues such as obesity and substance misuse.  He will also take a lead on important issues such as mental health and improvements in men's health.  With responsibility for leisure and culture, Councillor Ball will also provide the lead work on arts, culture, libraries and active recreation.

Joe Blackham

Councillor Joe Blackham

Cabinet Member for Highways, Street Scene and Trading Services

Tel: 01302 734788

Email: joe.blackham@doncaster.gov.uk

Councillor Blackham is the Cabinet Member with responsibility for maintenance and improvement of the local highways network, including road safety, re-surfacing, tackling potholes and car parking.  He also oversees the Council's grass cutting, grounds maintenance and street lighting services.  In addition, Councillor Blackham's portfolio covers commercial and trading services, including management of our markets, schools catering service and the Council's asset management programme.

Rachael Blake

Councillor Rachael Blake

Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care

Tel: 01302 734784

Email: rachael.blake@doncaster.gov.uk

As Cabinet Member for Adult Social Care Councillor Blake will lead our programme to transform the way adult social care is provided in Doncaster.  Her work will include overseeing services and activities to help people live independently in their own home and community, and ensuring that quality residential care is available across the borough.

Nuala Fennelly

Councillor Nuala Fennelly

Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Schools

Councillor Fennelly will be working with the Mayor to help shape services that give every child and young person the opportunity to make the most of their abilities. This will include ensuring that our schools provide our young people with a high quality education and that early help is available to children, young people and families that need it. She will also play an important role working with Doncaster Children's Services Trust to ensure children in Doncaster are kept as safe as possible.

Sadly Councillor Nuala Fennelly passed away on 8th March 2021.


Chris McGuiness

Councillor Chris McGuinness

Cabinet Member for Communities, the Voluntary Sector and Environment

Tel: 01302 734786

Email: chris.mcguinness@doncaster.gov.uk

Councillor McGuinness will be working to make sure we have effective neighbourhood management arrangements, including planning policy, supported by relevant enforcement, to promote a safe and clean borough. Vitally, Councillor McGuinness will take a lead role in our work with local communities and the voluntary sector. He will ensure that support is available to people who want to make improvements in their own neighbourhoods, provide services for local people or undertake activities to strengthen our communities.  He will also take a lead on the environment portfolio, covering issues such as waste collection and air quality.

Bill Mordue

Councillor Bill Mordue

Cabinet Member for Business, Skills and Economic Development

Tel: 01302 734787

Email: bill.mordue@doncaster.gov.uk

Councillor Mordue will oversee our priority to generate more jobs in the borough and support local people to access the opportunities being created.  His portfolio area will lead our successful programme to create new apprenticeships, support existing business growth and new start-ups.  Councillor Mordue will also have responsibility for major regeneration projects and strategic  transport issues.  This will include work to make sure all our towns and communities are able to benefit from economic growth.

Jane Nightingale

Councillor Jane Nightingale

Cabinet Member for Customer and Corporate Services

Tel: 01302 734783

Email: jane.nightingale@doncaster.gov.uk

Councillor Nightingale will be the lead Cabinet Member with responsibility for customer services, overseeing the Council's programme to improve the experience of local residents and businesses who engage with the Council.  This includes our work to make more services available online and oversight of the Council's performance management framework.  In addition, Councillor Nightingale will oversee the Council's Corporate Services, including areas such as Revenues and Benefits, Legal and Democratic services, and Registrars.

About council meetings

Unless matters of commercial confidence are being discussed, all meetings of the Cabinet are open to the public. 

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