Allegations against adults working with children referral form (LADO)

What is this for?

To report a concern with regard to an adult working with children select the DO IT NOW button at the bottom of this page.

This form is for referring allegations against staff, carers and volunteers working with or who may work with children/young people (under 18 years of age). This includes referrals where the victim may now be an adult but the alleged offence happened whilst the individual was a child/young person. It may be that the concerns are transferable risk, for example the incident or concerns may not have happened at their place of work, but may indicate that they are unsuitable to work with children, or that further support or training is required.

What is it going to cost?

Nothing, the service is free.

What we need from you

To complete the form as fully as possible giving as much details as possible with regard to the concern. Please ensure you have the following information to complete this form:

  1. Details of the adult subject to the allegation i.e. full name, place of work
  2. Details of any child(ren) i.e. name, DOB, home address. If you don’t not have all of this information you should still submit the form.
  3. Contact details of any professional involved with the child(ren) i.e. social worker, if known.
  4. Electronic version of any supporting documents to download (if available)

What you should expect from us

Once the form is submitted, you will receive notification. The referral will be responded to within 24 working hours, and you will be contacted by the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO).

More information

Where you believe there is immediate risk of significant harm the police should be contacted on 999.

All child safeguarding concerns are managed by Doncaster Children's Services Trust. For urgent safeguarding concerns please call the Duty team, on 01302 737777. If this concern is not deemed to be immediate you will be directed to fill in the children’s social care referral form.  

You will get one of two responses either an Early Help Response or a Children's Social Care Multi Agency Access Point.

For further details about the LADO process please visit: LADO Referral process

If you require the Report a Child Safeguarding concern form please visit this page: Child at risk report form

Please note:

This LADO form is NOT to be used as a safeguarding referral for a child or young person under the age of 18, use the button above.
If you want to report a concern with regard to an adult working with children please click the DO IT NOW button below.

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Last updated: 06 July 2021 11:26:15