Alley gate key request

What is this for?

To request an alley gate key.

What is it going to cost?

If you are new to your property, and are making a first request for a key, there is no charge. If you are requesting a replacement of your key due to loss or theft, there will be a charge of £15. However, where your key has been stolen and you can provide a valid police incident number, there will be no charge. You can either make the payment online while completing the form, or pay in person when you collect your key.

What we need from you

Details of where the alley gate is situated and information about the reasons you are requesting a new key.

What you should expect from us

Once you complete the form, a reference number will be generated for your request. You can collect your key as soon as you have received your reference number. To collect your key, you will have to visit the Civic Building, Waterdale, DN1 3BU. Bring your reference number along with proof of your address (either a recent utility bill or a tenancy agreement) along with photographic ID.

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Last updated: 30 August 2017 14:51:47