Licensing a New Private Hire or Hackney Carriage vehicle (including renewals and interim tests)

What is this for?

PLEASE NOTE - A new Doncaster Taxi and Private Hire Licensing Policy will come into effect from the 1st April 2021. Please view the policy using the link below:

Any questions you may have relating to the new changes please email -

The process of renewing a licence for a Hackney Carriage or Private Hire vehicle, or, booking an interim test (4 month / 6 month).

Age of Vehicle

Test Frequency

Less than 4 years


Over 4 years but less than 7 years

Every 6 Months

Over 7 years

Every 4 months

What is it going to cost?

The cost for licence renewals is broken down as follows:

  • Test, licence and vehicle plates £250
  • Front Bracket (optional) £6.00
  • Rear Bracket (optional) £12.50
  • Postage (optional) £4.20
  • Vehicle Retest (If required): £28.50
  • The cost of Interim tests: £63

(Please be aware that if you miss your appointment you will have to pay again)

What we need from you

You must ensure the vehicle you are applying to licence meets all the requirements of the Councils Licensing Policy.

You should take your vehicle documents with you to the testing station.

For renewals you will be required to upload copies of your vehicle insurance and log book after the test.

What you should expect from us

You will be offered a number of appointment times to attend a test at North Bridge testing station. If your vehicle fails its test, you will be advised by the testing officer and will receive information by email on how to book a retest appointment.

If your vehicle passes the test we will send you a link by email which will allow you to complete the application process online (renewals).

Where the vehicle passes the interim test, the ‘window sticker’ will be posted out to the proprietor’s home address.


Plates will not be printed on the same day of test, plates will only be printed on WEDNESDAY’S and FRIDAY’s, to clarify:

Vehicle day of test – Friday, Monday, Tuesday – PLATES PRINTED WEDNESDAY
Vehicle day of test – Wednesday, Thursday – PLATES PRINTED FRIDAY

Please note that any issue with your paperwork will result in delays, if you feel you need to submit further documentation to assist your application please email -

More information

Remember once licensed, a vehicle can only be driven by a Doncaster-licensed driver.

Guidance and advice on face coverings - PLEASE READ

Taxi and Private Hire Licensing Policy

Licensing Homepage

Please be aware that paper based applications and telephone requests will no longer be available if you are trying to book an appointment.

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