Benefits - Send us evidence for your Housing Benefit or Council Tax Support claim

What is this for?

Send us information for your Housing Benefit claim or Council Tax Reduction

What is it going to cost?


What we need from you

If you need to send us additional evidence for your claim or for a change in circumstance

Step 1

Photograph or scan your documents and save them on your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Step 2

Click 'Do it now' below

Add your personal details

Select the button 'Upload & Attach file' at the top of the form.

Attach the document to the form. A message will appear to confirm the successful upload.

Step 3

Continue to do this for each document you want to send us

Select the 'Submit' button. You will then be sent a confirmation email.

You can use this page to send us evidence to support your claim at any time

What you should expect from us

Once submitted, we will use the information to determine your claim for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction. We may need to contact you if further information is required to process your request.

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Last updated: 24 March 2021 09:51:18