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  • Doncaster in Bloom

    Doncaster in Bloom is an annual horticultural and gardening competition which has been running since 1990 and is open to individuals, groups and businesses in the borough. The competition incorporates the Allotment of the Year which has been running since 1975. New in 2019 was the Community Champions award which we will continue to award.

  • Allotments

    NOVEMBER 2021 UPDATE Avian influenza (BIRD FLU) : restrictions are now back in place and must be followed by all bird keepers. Allotments remain open as normal. Remember to follow COVID guidelines at all times, including on the allotments. WAITING LISTS - all of our sites have seen an increase in numbers on the lists during lockdown. We will contact applicants once they reach the top of the list which in most cases is likely to be several years.