Barnburgh conservation area

Barnburgh was designated a conservation area on 15 June 1978. A full appraisal has yet to be carried out.

To view the location of the conservation area go to the Heritage Map.

Barnburgh is a rural settlement that has expanded with suburban developments from the twentieth century. Situated on a hill top, the settlement was originally disposed around a large village green but has seen much infill prior to conservation area designation. It does however retain much of its rural village character, particularly along Hall Street, High Street and around the church. Historic properties are often built close to or on the back edge of the footpath. There are many mature trees within the grounds of the Rectory and the former Barnburgh Hall as well as several prominent specimens elsewhere.

Sandstone was the traditional material, which is rendered on some buildings but there is also some brick. Principle roof materials are slate and clay pantiles. Sandstone boundary walls are an important and extensive feature of the conservation area.

Within the conservation area there are 14 listed structures. These can be viewed on the map as well as on the list in the Downloads and Resouces section. The Dovecote in Barnburgh Hall Gardens, being Grade II* listed, is also a scheduled monument.

The above description of the conservation area is only a brief overview and a full appraisal will be carried out that will consider in more depth the features that make up the significance of the area.

Further Information

Further Information about Conservation Areas can be found at Conservation Areas in Doncaster.

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