Technology, Sensors and Pendant Alarms (Home alarm)

These days there is loads of technology available that people are using (often with help from relatives) to stay independent, safe and well. Take a look at the examples below for some inspiration.

Examples of people using technology

  • Susan uses a GPS tracker on her phone so that her family know where she is if she gets into difficulty when out walking
  • Carol uses a robotic vacuum cleaner to help her clean her flat
  • John uses a smart speaker to give him timed reminders to take his medication
  • Helen has a clock which tells her the day and whether it’s morning, afternoon or evening which helps her not to get confused.
  • Alice enjoys using a virtual reality headset to explore the world – she finds that it distracts her from the pain that she experiences due to a condition she is living with.
  • George uses an app on his phone which describes the things that can be seen through the camera lens – as he is blind it can help him pick which clothes to wear or identify products in a supermarket.
  • Tom and his family use an app which helps them organise the care for his mum, it helps them to schedule their time to make sure that his mum’s needs are met.

The technology above can be purchased from local mobility stores or online. 

Pendant Alarms (Home Alarm Service)

Some people benefit from the reassurance of a pendant alarm that can be worn around the neck inside the home. A person can press the button in an emergency which will trigger a phone call to our call centre. A sensitive microphone allows the person to talk to our friendly staff who are trained to decide on the best cause of action and to deal with emergencies quickly and efficiently. If a person has fallen and is unable to get up, the next of kin or a trained responder may attend to help the person and ensure they are ok (this is dependent on the package selected).

The pendant alarm service is available in 2 forms. 

  • Option 1: Home alarm service, including equipment, maintenance and call handling service, where call handlers will contact your nominated family or friends for assistance or organise the appropriate emergency service response. This service is at a cost of £4.40 plus VAT per week. 
  • Option 2: Response Service, where the Council’s trained officers (responders) will come to your property to help you. This service is an add on service and is only available in addition to option 1, at an additional cost of £1.80 plus VAT per week.  (Therefore this package costs £6.20 per week).

All charges are payable per user quarterly in advance by Direct Debit.  The equipment will be set up for you and no drilling or electrical works are required.

To apply for a pendant alarm please complete the form below or call 01302 862164. Once we receive your application form we will contact you to arrange a convenient delivery date. We do not charge for the delivery and set up of your pendant alarm however there is a fee for the replacement of lost or damaged equipment.


Additional Sensors and Assistive Technology

Some people may benefit from additional sensors and assistive technology such as movement sensors and flood/gas detectors.  In order to receive this additional equipment an assessment must be carried out by a social work professional, Occupational Therapist, Short Term Enablement Programme Service team (STEPS); or Integrated Support and Assessment Team (ISAT).  You can contact ISAT on 01302 737391  for more information on whether an assessment is appropriate.  Contact us for more information on whether an assessment is appropriate.

Further help and support to help you live in your own home

More help can be found on the page Help to live independently or AskSARA an online guided advice tool designed to help you find useful information about products to make daily living activities easier.


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