Home alarm and Telecare service

Our home alarm service and Telecare service helps elderly and vulnerable adults live safely in their own home.

Home alarm

All you need is a telephone socket that is able to make outgoing calls and a nearby electrical outlet on the same wall within two metres of each other.

The service operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The cost of the service is £3.20 per week or £41.60 per quarter. Customers aged 65 and over who get housing benefit or Council Tax Support for financial reasons will receive the service free of charge.

How the home alarm works

All customers receive a home alarm and a pendant, which is connected via a phone line to our call centre. By pressing a button on your pendant, you will get through to our customer service advisers, who are trained to deal with emergencies quickly and efficiently.

When activated, the alarm raises a call to our monitoring centre. The caller’s details are displayed on screen, showing the type of call and how it was initiated. A sensitive microphone allows you to talk to the service's friendly staff, who can help decide on the most appropriate course of action.

How to apply for the home alarm service

Download the application form

Home Alarm Service Application form
Download (187KB)

Alternatively, call us on 01302 862164 between the hours of 8.30am to 5pm to request a form.

When we receive your application form, we will contact you to arrange a convenient delivery date. Fitting of the alarm equipment is free.

Telecare services

Telecare builds upon the basic home alarm service to offer added safety and security at home. Sensors are discreetly placed around the home on ceilings, doors and walls or on beds and chairs or may be worn by the service user in the form of a pendant, watch or belt.

Telecare provides 24 hour peace of mind and support for people using the service. Telecare uses sensors that raise an alarm at our contact centre in the event of an emergency. The system can adapted to support individuals in a range of different situations, such as:

  • bogus callers
  • carbon monoxide
  • falls
  • floods
  • leaving taps or gas on
  • medication reminders
  • smoke

How Telecare works

The system works exactly like the home alarm service, but with the added safeguard of additional sensors around your home, depending on your needs.

If one of the sensors is automatically activated or if you press your personal alarm trigger, the alarm connected to your phone will ring us, and we will help you. In an emergency, or if we can not contact you, we will arrange for a designated family member, neighbour, the emergency services or mobile warden to visit you.

Some Telecare sensors can just raise an alarm in your home without calling the contact centre. This is useful if you have a carer living with you or if you are a carer looking after someone.

Independent living through Telecare solutions
Download (1023KB)

Who would benefit from the Telecare service?

Anyone, of any age, who needs more support than the basic home alarm service could provide. It can be suitable for people with:

  • a real or perceived fear of crime and who feel particularly vulnerable
  • dementia
  • learning disabilities
  • long-term medical conditions that make them vulnerable to falling or collapse
  • mental health problems
  • physical disabilities

It can also be used on a short-term basis, such as supporting someone coming out of hospital after a fall or serious illness

How to apply for Telecare services

In order to apply for Telecare you need to call the Adult Contact Team. Professionals wishing to make a referral, please complete a Telecare Referral form and send to the Telecare inbox Telecare@doncaster.gov.uk, or email to request a referral form if you do not have one.

When the application is received, a HEART officer will get in touch within 3 working days to make arrangements for installation.

Doncaster Learning Disabilities Telecare Guide
Download (213KB)
Doncaster Dementia Telecare Guide
Download (565KB)
Doncaster Carers Telecare Guide
Download (552KB)
Doncaster Telecare Sensors Leaflet
Download (1023KB)

Charges for the Telecare service

There is a small weekly charge of £3.20 (excluding VAT) for the monitoring service. There is no charge for the equipment or installation.

How to pay for your home alarm or Telecare service

Details of how to pay for the service can be found on the Accounts receivable invoices page.

Further help and support to help you live in your own home

More help can be found on the page Help to live independently

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