Support for Carers

A carer is someone who provides regular unpaid help and support to another person. It does not include those who volunteer as part of a group or organisation. This might be helping someone with paperwork and financial matters, housework, shopping, assisting with medication or other personal care needs such as keeping clean and fresh, preparing and eating meals or getting out and about.

Carers can be any age, including children and young people, and from any background. Being a carer is very rewarding but it can be hard work as well.

Useful Local and National Organisations

Here are some local organisations who could talk to you about being a carer.

  • Doncaster Carers Service, Unit 1, Ten Pound Walk, Doncaster. Help line 01302 812827 (Mon to Fri 9am to 5pm) 07918 746464 (Sat 9am to midday) They run our local Carers Emergency Card Scheme. Please speak to them directly for details.
  • Doncaster Partnership for Carers, 2, Regent Terrace, South Parade, Doncaster, DN1 2EE. 01302 637566
  • Doncaster Young Carers Service, Starting Well – Doncaster Council, Civic Building, Waterdale, Doncaster, DN1 3BU. 01302 736099 or email

You might also find it useful to look at

  • Your Life Doncaster – Find information and advice, search for local groups and activities for support and buy products and services to help you maintain your independence. 

If you want more information about the illness or condition of the person you care for you should try NHS Direct website for information that has been checked out and approved. If you want to find out about your other rights as a carer or what happens in other parts of the country, or to just make contact with carers across the UK you should try: 

Carers Assessments

Any carer who looks like they might benefit should be offered an assessment. It should identify any help needed to maintain your own wellbeing. If you are offered an assessment it is ok to say ‘no thanks’. It is also ok to change your mind later if it is offered again or you could ask for one in the future by making contact with the number below.

An assessment gives you the opportunity to find out if there is any help available now and to make some plans for the future. It will help you to get any support you need to stay in work or education or to let you also look after any children you may have.

What will happen at the assessment?

Like so many things it does involve some ‘form filling’. You can do most of this for yourself (using the form below the questions) if you want or you can wait for a professional to come and fill it in with you. However you choose to do it there will be a professional there to help you work out what, if anything, is needed. They will help you to find out what is already available in your community.

Will there be any charge?

There is no charge for a Carers Assessment.

What happens after the assessment?

After the assessment you will be helped to develop an action plan which will include practical suggestions and signposting to services and groups that may be able to help. Some people will also be eligible for funded support from Doncaster Council.

How to arrange an assessment?

You should speak to the social worker dealing with the person you care for if they have one. Otherwise you should telephone the Adult Contact Team on 01302 737391 or email them at

For further information please contact:

Carers Assessment Form June 2016
Download (1.17MB)

Doncaster Carers Strategy 2015 – 2020

Doncaster Council is coordinating a partnership of local groups and organisations to implement our local carers strategy.

Carers Emergency Contact Scheme

As a carer have you ever wondered what would happen if you had an accident or emergency? The Carers Emergency Contact Scheme is a FREE service offering peace of mind that the person you care for will be looked after if something unexpected were to happen to you and you were not able to provide the care you usually provide. 

How the scheme works
Register for the scheme and you will be issued with and Carers Emergency Card which includes a 24/7 helpline and a unique ID number. Should you be unable to provide care, simply phone the number, quote your unique ID and support arrangements will be put in place for up to 48 hours (Monday to Friday) or 72 hours if your emergency occurs during a weekend or over a bank holiday.

How to join
If you and the person you care for are over 18 and live in Doncaster contact Doncaster Carers Service (delivered by Age UK Doncaster) on 01302 812827 to register.

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