What is this for?

To report street lighting failure. Street lights that are damaged, for example; by a vehicle driving into it making it structurally or electrically unsafe is classed as urgent.

For all urgent matters please telephone us on 01302 736000 Monday to Friday 08:30-17:00 or 01302 737199 at any other time.

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What we need from you

Please note; Where the information requested below is not provided , we cannot guarantee to investigate or repair the issue within  within 7 working days. The most effective way to ensure your issue is resolved is to provide all the information requested, Reports with in-sufficient information or missing contact details maybe closed without action.

  • The street light number(found around eye level on the column). This number is unique to the light and enables us to locate and repair the light as quickly as possible.
  • What the fault is, i.e. light out or dim 
  • The street name and nearest house number to the light
  • The date and time you first noticed the problem
  • Your name and contact details so we can contact you if we have any issues locating the fault 

Please note; Increased response times may occur without this information.

If you are reporting a street light that is on during the day, please allow 24 hours to pass and then report the light if it is still on.

What you should expect from us

We aim to assess this issue within 7 working days,  if we receive all the required information. We are only able to repair faults with the column itself, if the fault is found within the electricity supply,  it is the responsibility of Northern Power Grid  (NPG) to repair, which can take up to 28 working days once identified. In these cases we are unable to provide updates as to the status of the repairs.

Due to the nature of supply faults, you may find that the fault reappears particularly in wet weather. NPG faults are monitored for 7 days following repairs, if the fault re-occurs after within this time, please get in touch.

Any remedial works needed will be planned in line with future requirements.

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