Highway Obstructions and Encroachments

Roadworks, skips, scaffolding, hoardings and building materials that block the pavement all cause an obstruction to pedestrians

If you encounter any of the following obstructing the pavement please contact:

  If this is deemed and emergency, please contact the call centre: 01302 736000


  • Skips
  • Scaffolding
  • No barriers around roadworks/building work affecting pedestrian safety
  • Building materials 
  • An advertising board 
  • Banners or bunting 
  • Vegetation

It is an offence to obstruct the free passage of the highway. 

Obstructions are objects which have been unlawfully placed on or which overhang the highway. Such obstructions include:

  • Mud/debris on the road
  • Mixing concrete/mortar on the highway
  • Unauthorised vendors/traders
  • Encroachment of highway boundaries
  • Discharge of water onto the highway
  • Blocking "Rights of Way"
  • Illegal signs
  • Storing materials without a licence

Encroachments are where areas of the highway have been unlawfully assumed.

If a person without lawful authority or excuse in any way wilfully obstructs the free passage along a highway, they are guilty of an offence. In such cases the Highway Authority has legal powers to enforce their removal.

 PLEASE NOTE - Should this obstruction be vehicular, it should be reported to South Yorkshire Police

Parking on the highway

The police are the only people who can move vehicles on if they are causing an obstruction on the highway or are parked across an entrance to a property

For further information on parking obstructions please visit inconsiderate parking and other obstructions page

Discarded items on the highway

For any other obstructions (eg. discarded household items) in the highway or on pavements please report via the fly tipping report form

If you see litter being dropped from a moving vehicle please report it via the litter from vehicle incident report form

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