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This page details the current status of school reviews being carried out in Doncaster with relevant downloadable documents, ways of commenting on the proposals, and results of those reviews that have been completed.


The Learning Provision Organisation service has responsibility for pupil place planning within the Doncaster area, including publicity, consultations and the results of these.

The importance of learning provision organisation arrangements are crucial to supporting the achievement of effective outcomes for children and young people. We focus resources on children and high quality education. There are a number of factors operating within Doncaster that have an impact on school places. These include school performance and pupil attainment, surplus places, changing population, pupil mobility and the development of academies.

Current Consultations

Establishment of Social Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) Resource Provision

Consultation Opens 17 April 2023

Consultation Closes 14 May 2023

Consultation responses should be sent to LP.ORG@doncaster.gov.uk


Doncaster Council is undertaking an exercise to establish a small number of Social, Emotional, and Mental Health Resource Centres within mainstream schools in the City.  Following a process whereby expressions of interest were sought, consultation is being carried out to establish four 10 place Centres and these are expected to open in September 2023.  The schools and relevant supporting Trusts are as follows:-

  • Brooke Primary School (Venn Academy Trust)
  • Castle Hills Primary Academy (Leger Education Trust)
  • Ivanhoe Primary Academy (Venn Academy Trust)
  • The McAuley Catholic High School (Nexus Multi Academy Trust )


Each of the Trust Boards identified above are now consulting on a proposal to establish one of the above commenced before their proposals are considered by the Yorkshire and the Humber Advisory Board established by the Department for Education .

The increase in capacity would require a mix of newly built extensions at Castle Hills and Ivanhoe and modifications within Brooke and McAuley will be required creating additional classrooms and other associated facilities such as meeting areas and toilets.  The required changes would be dependent on planning permission being granted.  It is not anticipated that the schools will need to make changes to their current admissions policy at this time.

What happens after the consultation process?

Outcomes from the consultation will be considered and formulated into an action plan on how to address any issues raised.  This information, along with details of the percentage of responses in favour or not in favour of the proposal will be included in each application to the DfE, for their consideration.

Once the DfE approval is secured, the proposed changes will be implemented. 

Statutory Notices Completed

Doncaster Local Authority has determined, with the support of the Governing Body of the school, to establish a sixth form at Stone Hill School from 1 September.  Stone Hill School is a special school catering for pupils with Moderate Learning Difficulties.

Learning Provision Organisation Board

The Learning Provision and Organisation Board has been established to improve outcomes for all children by building strong partnerships, working effectively together, and providing rigorous and regular performance management.

The Board’s primary role is to ensure the effective delivery of the Learning Provision and Organisation Strategy. The Board will provide strategic direction and challenge for:

  • The Review of Education Places including Early Years
  • The Capital Strategy
  • Monitoring the Capital Programme (Delivery & Approval)
  • Establish a protocol for allocation of funds from the safeguarding and access capital provision budget
  • Monitor the allocation of the funds from the safeguarding and access capital provision budget
  • The identification and application of Funding Opportunities
  • School Organisation – Responding positively to national developments such as Academisation
  • Section 106 Capital
  • Partnership Development
  • Working together with Schools
  • Developing appropriate settings for those with Additional Needs
  • Ensuring that appropriate environments are in place for supporting those with Behaviour Needs.
LPOB Terms of Reference and Membership
Download (261KB - PDF)

Next Meeting:


Previous Meetings Agendas and Minutes

12 December 2022

LPOB Agenda 12.12.22
Download (299KB - PDF)
LPOB Minutes 12.12.22
Download (429KB - PDF)

8 February 2022

LPOB Agenda 08.02.22
Download (316KB - PDF)
LPOB Minutes 08.02.22
Download (446KB - PDF)

13 July 2021

LPOB Agenda 13.07.21
Download (402KB - PDF)
LPOB Minutes 13.07.21
Download (488KB - PDF)

26 November 2020

LPOB Minutes 26.11.20
Download (490KB - PDF)
LPOB Agenda 26.11.20
Download (316KB - PDF)

30 June 2020

LPOB Minutes 30.06.20
Download (487KB - PDF)
LPOB Agenda 30.06.20
Download (359KB - PDF)

22 January 2020

LPOB Minutes 22.01.20
Download (480KB - PDF)
LPOB Agenda 22.01.20
Download (358KB - PDF)

11 September 2019

LPOB Minutes 11.09.19
Download (425KB - PDF)
LPOB Agenda 11.09.19
Download (321KB - PDF)

26 June 2019

LPOB Minutes 26.06.19
Download (436KB - PDF)
LPOB Agenda 26.06.19
Download (321KB - PDF)

27 March 2019

LPOB Minutes 27.03.19
Download (420KB - PDF)
LPOB Agenda 27.03.19
Download (320KB - PDF)

21 January 2019

LPOB Minutes 21.01.19
Download (508KB - PDF)
LPOB Agenda 21.01.19
Download (460KB - PDF)

10 October 2018

LPOB Minutes 10.10.18
Download (472KB - PDF)
Agenda 10.10.18 LPOB
Download (260KB - PDF)

11 July 2018

Minutes 11.07.18 LPOB
Download (307KB - PDF)
Agenda 11 07 2018 LPOB
Download (258KB - PDF)

30 April 2018

Minutes 30.04.18
Download (276KB - PDF)
Agenda 30.04.2018 LPOB
Download (256KB - PDF)

24 January 2018

Minutes 24 01 18
Download (265KB - PDF)
Agenda 24 01 2018 LPOB
Download (214KB - PDF)

09 November 2017

Minutes 09.11.17
Download (257KB - PDF)
Agenda 09.11.17 LPOB
Download (211KB - PDF)

26 September 2017

Minutes 26.09.17
Download (248KB - PDF)
Agenda 260917 First Meeting of the LPOB
Download (197KB - PDF)

Learning Provision Organisation Strategy 

The Strategy sets out the Learning Landscape for Doncaster by: 

  • Capturing the main opportunities and challenges for us in meeting the demands for appropriate and varied learning provision within a multi-provider infrastructure and a range of settings over the next five years.
  • Providing a framework for planning and generating the necessary resources to ensure that we meet the requirement to commission high quality learning settings and thus provide appropriate environments for effective learning.
  • Enabling a coherent and connected response to growth and diversity in Doncaster
  • Ensuring there are sufficient places to provide for learners with individual needs, including those with Statements of Special Educational Need (until 31/03/18) or with an Education Health and Care Plan, those who have specific Behaviour needs and Post 16 Provision.
The Organisation of Learning Provision Strategy 2020
Download (2.18MB - PDF)

Local Area Plans

The strategy is underpinned by pyramid Local Area Plans. Each plan consists of two documents, a Key Data Report which contains a range of data about pupil places and the educational landscape locally andboroughwide and a pyramid place action report. These reports are being produced as part of a rolling programme and will be published as they are finalised.

Local Area Plan Reports

Adwick, Don Valley and Ridgewood Secondary Planning Area 2020:

Adwick, Don Valley and Ridgewood Secondary Planning Area Report 2020
Download (2.81MB - PDF)

Armthorpe and Hungerhill Secondary Planning Area 2020:

Armthorpe and Hungerhill Secondary Planning Area Report 2020
Download (2.1MB - PDF)

Balby and Edlington Secondary Planning Area 2020:

Balby and Edlington Secondary Planning Area Report 2020
Download (2.3MB - PDF)

Campsmount Secondary Planning Area 2020:

Campsmount Secondary Planning Area Report 2020
Download (1.64MB - PDF)

Danum, Hall Cross, McAuley and XP Secondary Planning Area 2020:

Danum, Hall Cross, McAuley and XP Secondary Planning Area Report 2020
Download (2.3MB - PDF)

Hatfield and Thorne Secondary Planning Area 2020:

Hatfield and Thorne Secondary Planning Area Report 2020
Download (1.97MB - PDF)

Hayfield and Rossington Secondary Planning Area 2020:

Hayfield and Rossington Secondary Planning Area Report 2020
Download (1.82MB - PDF)

Mexborough and Conisbrough Secondary Planning Area 2020:

Mexborough and Conisbrough Secondary Planning Area Report 2020
Download (1.89MB - PDF)

Academisation Toolkit

Please see the link below for the new Academisation Toolkit


Childcare Sufficiency Assessment

2023 Doncaster Childcare Sufficiency Assessment
Download (968KB - PDF)

NEW Childcare Sustainability Toolkit

Follow this link to access the new Childcare Sustainability Toolkit




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