What happens after a decision on a planning application is made?

Guidance on what happens when you receive a copy of the decision notice on an application.

Once a decision is made, formal decision letters are sent out to the applicant/agent as soon as possible.

Checking a decision

You can check whether a decision on a particular application has been made by visiting:

Planning applications online 

To do this, you will require the address of the application site or, preferably, the correct application reference number (the decision notice can be viewed on the "View Associated Documents" tab. 

Conditions of the application

Most applications that are given permission are granted subject to conditions. These conditions can control aspects of the future development or require the submission of further details of elements of the scheme for approval. Some of these conditions may need to be formally 'approved' by us before you start works, others may not need to be submitted till further into the build, but the condition will clearly state this. It is very important that you do not breach the requirements of the conditions as this may result in enforcement action

Building regulations

Before you start work you should also get building regulations approval. Building regulations are separate from planning permission and exist to ensure the health and safety of people in and around buildings, provide for energy conservation, and for access and facilities for disabled people. 

Appealing a planning application

If you submit an application and it is not decided by its target decision date, or if you disagree with the decision that we make, you have the right to appeal to the Secretary of State within a limited time period. This is usually six months from the date of the decision or the date the decision should have been made. Further details of the planning application appeal process  can be found on our post decision guidance page. 

Alternatively, if your application is refused you can also make a new application, taking into account our reasons for refusal. We recommend that you engage with our paid pre-application advice service so that we can discuss your revised proposals and their chances of success, before you resubmit.  

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