Doncaster Local Records Centre (DLRC) welcomes records from all recorders and of all species, no matter how common or widespread. We need your records to be able to build a complete and up-to-date image of the state of wildlife in Doncaster Borough. This helps us monitor the state of the environment and support decision making.

What information is required?

It is possible to record wildlife without specialist knowledge. There are 4 essential pieces of information we need to be able to use your record(s):

  1. WHAT is it?
    Provide scientific (Latin) and/or common name of the plant/animal you observed. If you are unable to identify it please email us a picture and we will do our best to help you.
  2. WHERE did you see it?
    Provide precise location with post code and/or six-figure grid reference number that can be identify on the UK Grid Reference Finder.
  3. WHEN did you see it?
    Provide exact date e.g. day/month/year of the recording. If you do not remember the day please insert only month/year.
  4. WHO saw it?
    Provide full name of the recorder. If you enter the information on behalf of someone else please put the name in the comment section.

Additional information may include:

  • abundance - the number of individuals of the recorded species,
  • behaviour for example: a bird could be singing or carrying building material for a nest, or a butterfly could be feeding on plant,
  • survey method for example: transect survey, point count,
  • sex/age of individual.

How do we use your records?

Before we share your records with others we have to first validate and verify them. During the validation process we check that you have provided all the necessary information to create a complete record. We may contact you if we require additional information or clarification. The verification process is about checking if your record is likely to be correct. Our ecologists will check if the species is likely to be found in the location and on the date provided. Once this stage is done, your record will be entered into our database.

When you supply us with your records they remain your intellectual property. By placing them in DLRC's custodianship you accept that we may hold and use them in accordance with our policies and procedures.

The records will be put onto our database and used to inform planning application enquiries with the ultimate purpose of protecting our biodiversity. In this process, no personal details (addresses, either postal or e-mail, or telephone numbers) are passed on to other organisations or individuals by us, in line with our Confidentiality Policy. Please inform us if you have any reservations on this matter. At your request we will flag your records as 'confidential', in which case the records will not appear in any output reports. You have the right to ask us to remove your records from our database at any time.

How to submit records?

You can submit your records by:

Completing the Recording Form and sending it to us via email or post

Recording Form (word verison)
Download (196KB)
Recording Form (excel version)
Download (103KB)

OR sending us your records by email or post without using the Recording Form provided.

Contact details:

  • Email:
  • Post: Doncaster Local Records Centre, Built and Natural Environment Team, Directorate of Regeneration and Environment, Civic Office, Waterdale, Doncaster, DN1 3BU

Documents which provide more information about the Policies associated with the Local Record Centre can be viewed at policies and procedures.

Further Information:

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