Planning Policy Background Documents - Housing, Employment and Retail

There are a number of background studies and evidence base documents that have informed the Local Plan. Many of these are still relevant so are available to view and download below.

Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) 2018

HELAA Update Report 2018
Download (1.1MB - PDF)
Doncaster HELAA update 2017-18 - Housing Sites
Download (352KB - XLSX)
Doncaster HELAA update 2017-18 - Employment Sites
Download (76KB - XLSX)

All of the sites included in the 2018 update assessment are available to view via the following interactive maps; please note some sites are being proposed for multiple uses so may feature on both maps:

Housing Sites Map

Economic Development Sites Map

The Main Report from the 2015 HELAA is also available as this includes the original methodology:

HELAA Main Report (April 2015)
Download (3.98MB)

Economic Forecasts and Housing Needs Assessment 2018

Economic Forecasts and Housing Needs Assessment - Peter Brett Associates
Download (1.02MB - PDF)

Doncaster Housing Needs Study 2019

Gypsy and Traveller/Travelling Show People Accommodation Need Assessment 2018

Employment Land Needs Assessment 2019 Update

Employment Land Need Assessment (update 2019)
Download (2.56MB - PDF)
Employment Land Need Assessment
Download (2.66MB)

Doncaster Retail, Leisure and Town Centres Study 2015

Retail, Leisure and Town Centre Study - Volume 1 - Main Report
Download (2.22MB - PDF)
Volume 2 - Appendices
Download (6.65MB - PDF)
Volume 3 - Household Survey
Download (514KB - PDF)
Doncaster Retail, Leisure and Town Centres Study Addendum - Advice on the NPPF Sequential and Impact Assessments
Download (210KB - PDF)
Hot food Takeaway Evidence Review (updated 2022)
Download (1.28MB - PDF)

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