Planning permission - faqs

Answers to the most frequently asked questions about planning permission.

How do I pay for my planning application?

There are several ways you can pay for your planning application

Debit Card - please contact 01302 734854

Cheque payment - please make cheques payable to DMBC

Bacs/Chaps - please contact 01302 734854 who will provide you with the relevant bank details

If you have submitted your application via the planning portal the payment must be made to the planning portal. 

Are planning permission and building regulations the same thing?

No, although we are in the same department we deal with two different legislations. Planning permission deals with the principle of your development, whilst building regulations deal with how your development is built, sometimes one is required when the other is not, you need to check with both sections.

Do I need planning permission for everything I do to my home?

No, most internal alterations are unlikely to need planning permission, unless your house is listed, however building regulations may be required.

Is planning permission required for a conservatory?

Not always, it would depend on the size of the conservatory, where you want to put it and if the house has been extended or altered before. You also need to check with the Local Authority if permitted development rights have been removed alternatively you could enter into our:

Do I need planning permission to put up a fence?

Near a road a fence or wall up to 1 metre (3ft 3in) does not require planning permission, over 2 metres (6ft 6in) does require planning permission wherever situated.  Also, please check your deeds to make sure there are no restrictions regarding putting up fences. You will also need to check with the Local Authority that there are no open plan conditions on the property.

Do I need planning permission to install a satellite dish?

Sometimes, it would depend on the size and where you want to put it.

For domestic properties you could:

For non-domestic you could:

If I want to put up or build a garage, do I need planning permission?

Sometimes, it would depend on the size, where it is to be positioned and if the house has been extended before or has any other out buildings.

For domestic properties you could:

For non-domestic you could:

If I use my loft space as a room, do I need planning permission?

Planning permission is not required, however building regulations approval is. If you wish to install a dormer window planning permission may be required.

If I want to work from home do I have to have planning permission?

Some work can be done from home without needing planning permission, however it is best to check with your local planning department.

Can I demolish outbuildings or part of my house?

Planning permission is not required, however if your house is listed or in a conservation area then consent may be required. In all cases please contact Building Control as you may need to provide notice to demolish.

What is taken into account?

Certain planning related considerations may be taken into account, where applicable, by the case officer when making a recommendation on your application.

These are known as 'material considerations', and may include some of the following:

  • design and layout
  • planning related comments or objections made by interested parties/consultees
  • the council's policies outlined in the Unitary Development Plan
  • other planning policies or guidance
  • impact on the surrounding area particularly neighbouring properties
  • site history/previous appeal decisions
  • hours of operations
  • likelihood of nuisance (e.g. noise), flooding, impact on the highway
  • other matters considered relevant to the individual application

Matters raised which are not planning related, will not be considered. These may include such as the following:

  • moral issues
  • other non-planning related legislation
  • financial loss/devaluation of property
  • loss of view
  • ownership of land/property
  • personal circumstances

How is a decision reached?

After taking all matters into consideration, including any representations made by the public, the Case Officer appointed to the application will make a recommendation. This will either be to grant or refuse planning permission.

All applications are delegated to the Assistant Director of Development for a decision, apart from a number of exceptions, which are determined by the Planning Committee. These include large applications and those that are controversial.

The committee is made up of 11 councillors.

Meetings are held every four weeks on Tuesday afternoons at 2pm in the Civic Office.

The public may attend the meeting, and may request to speak about a particular application.

For further guidance please refer to:

How long does the whole process take?

Applications are normally determined within either eight or 13 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the proposal. An extension to a house would normally be determined within eight weeks, whereas a large housing estate could take much longer.

What is taken into account in the determination of a planning application?

There are often lots of planning issues that are taken into account in the determination of an application. These are known as 'material considerations' and may include issues such as design of a building, impact of a development on neighbours in terms of overlooking or noise etc.

Some matters cannot be considered by Planning Officers and these include issues covered by other laws e.g. health and safety, possible devaluation of property, loss of view, land ownership disputes and competition between businesses.


Last updated: 10 May 2019 09:10:52