Parks and gardens of Local Historic Interest

Parks and gardens of Local Historic Interest were identified as part of the Doncaster Unitary Development Plan:

Looking for a list of parks in Doncaster?

For a full list of parks in Doncaster, along with information on what you can see and do at each park and how to get there, please visit our parks in Doncaster page.

These have now been reviewed, the report and appendices can be viewed below:

Report and Appendices I-VI
Download (1.05MB)
Appendix VII - part 1
Download (6.27MB)
Appendix VII - part 2
Download (6.5MB)
Appendix VII - part 3
Download (5.84MB)
Appendix VII - part 4
Download (5.15MB)
Appendix VIII - part 1
Download (5.9MB)
Appendix VIII - part 2
Download (7.07MB)
Appendix VIII - part 3
Download (5.76MB)

To view the locations of Doncaster's Registered Parks and Gardens, please see the Heritage map

More information about Local Parks and Gardens and those on the national register (Parks and Gardens of Special Interest) can be found at Registered parks and gardens.

Please note - The fact that a park or garden is registered as either Special or Local Interest does not mean that there is public right of access.


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