City Of Doncaster Interpretation and Translation Unit

Providing a high quality service to overcome language barriers.

Doncaster Interpretation and Translation Unit (DITU)

DITU has been established since 2005 to ensure that local services are more accessible for members of the community for whom English is not their first language or who are unable to communicate effectively enough in English. Interpreters can help to overcome language barriers and ensure that important messages are not missed. They allow the whole, diverse community, equal access to critical services such as health, education, legal and benefit services. We also provide support with Afghanistan refugees and Homes for Ukraine work. 

At DITU we have a variety of interpretation and translation services available to all organisations and it may be that you need to access one, all or a combination of them. We offer a free, no obligation opportunity to assess the needs of your organisation and offer advice and guidance on services available, whilst ensuring costs are kept to a minimum. We pride ourselves on offering a high quality service at competitive rates.

Services include:

  • Face to Face interpretation* - Used for any type of appointment or meeting, when information on procedures need to be explained, to assist with language barriers during client visits or in training. For example, health and safety briefings. 
  • Video interpreting calls - For when there is no physical requirement for an interpreter to be present in the working environment. We use Microsoft Teams for our video calls. However, we can consider other platforms, such as AccuRx but the system(s) must meet with our DMBC security assessments.  
  • Written Translation - letters, posters, information leaflets, agreements (e.g. contracts, working policies, legal information, health and safety information etc.). Including witness statements, typesetting and proof reading.  
  • Review and develop new services to meet customer needs.
  • Staff training - working with an interpreter, choosing the right service or designing training for interpreters on specific processes for your organisation.
  • Advice and Guidance - ensuring best value for the work carried out.

To make an enquiry please complete the enquiry form. We can offer free no obligation quotations for the services we offer. We are however, unable to provide translations for members of the general public.

*We will ask for certain information relating to environment that staff will be working in. Any location must adhere to the most current Government COVID guidelines and work within our own DMBC risk assessments. Our interpreters are currently provided with basic PPE.

Our commitment

Doncaster Interpretation and Translation Unit is committed to providing a professional and quality service in everything we do. All our interpreters are fully assessed, monitored and trained to ensure they deliver excellence, with a grading system that ensures the most appropriate interpreter is sent to the job requested.

What to expect from us

  • All requests will be dealt with efficiently, by our small but dedicated team.
  • We will provide a personal, professional and quality assured service.
  • We will provide advice and guidance on the services you require ensuring best value for money.
  • Training / attendance at meetings to discuss the most effective use of interpretation and translation services, tailored to suit the needs of your organisation.

Some of the languages available from our register of interpreters (other languages are available on request)

    Arabic   Bengali Cantonese
    Czech   Dari Farsi
     Hindi   Hungarian Kurdish Sorani
    Latvian     Lithuanian Mandarin
     Nepali  Polish   Punjabi
 Romanian   Russian Slovak
    Spanish Sudanese   Sylheti
    Turkish Ukrainian   Urdu 

Booking an interpreter

Translation enquiries

Becoming an interpreter

All new posts for interpreters will be advertised on the council jobs website. We welcome enquiries, which can be sent to

Customer Feedback

We value and encourage customer feedback about our staff and interpreters, whether it is positive or negative. Please take a few moments to complete the Feedback form and email to

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