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Doncaster Safeguarding Children & Adults Partnership Event - Monday 28th January 2019

The first Doncaster Safeguarding Children's & Adults Partnership (DSCAP) event will be taking place on Monday the 28th January 2019 at the Doncaster College Hub.

Target audience will include safeguarding representatives from the following sectors;
·       Education and Early Years provision
·       Voluntary, Community and Faith sector 
·       Named representatives from commissioned and other relevant services

The Government introduced a new legal framework in respect of local safeguarding arrangements in line with the changes to the Children and Social Work Act 2017.  The new duty placed on three safeguarding partners – Health, Police and Local Authorities – to work together with relevant agencies to make arrangements to safeguard and promote the welfare of children in the local area.  In response, the Doncaster partnership has taken this opportunity to review local arrangements across both children’s and adults safeguarding to enable us to:
·       Work together through closer alignment, focusing on common outcomes to safeguard children and adults
·       Promote an all-age / family approach to safeguarding
·       Improve governance and assurance pathways
·       Provide greater efficiencies  and ensure greater scrutiny
Whilst  the children’s partnership and adults board have sought to be inclusive, there are a vast range of relevant partners that contribute to safeguarding but do not currently attend Board meetings or contribute to the work of the subgroups.  Therefore to provide an effective  mechanism for engaging the wider partner agencies in the local safeguarding arrangements across Doncaster we propose to host biannual Doncaster Safeguarding Children and Adults Partnership Events.

The event will provide opportunities for

·       Communications and information sharing
·       Consultation, discussion and challenge

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