How to access Learning and Development

To ensure you do not miss out on the learning and development opportunities on offer, it is important that you understand the procedures you need to follow.

What training is available?

You can view our full Learning & Development Guide below.

Learning and Development Guide  2023-24 FINAL
Download (799KB - DOC)
Download (387KB - DOC)

Please note that by booking onto our courses you are automatically accepting our terms & conditions:

FINAL 2022 Terms and Conditions
Download (24KB - DOCX)
FINAL 2022 Terms and Conditions FOR CARERS
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How do I access training?

All of our training is held on Developing You.

You will need to request an account to access any training. You will also need to let us know if you are signing up as an individual (you book all of your own training) or as an employer/organisation (you book all training for your staff). Depending on how you wish to sign up, please complete the relevant form below and return it to To find out more about our E-Learning click here

Account set up form for organisations and employers
Download (390KB - DOCX)
Account set up form individuals (who book their own training)
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Booking & Cancelling Places

All training is live-booked via Developing You.

Please do not ask the Workforce Team to book and/or cancel places for you unless there are special circumstances.
If you have any questions regarding this please contact the Workforce Team.
Depending on whether you are an individual or a manager/employer, please see below guidance packs. 

MANAGER'S GUIDE - Booking and cancelling courses
Download (3.95MB - DOCX)
USER'S GUIDE - Booking and cancelling courses
Download (3.71MB - DOCX)

Attending Courses

You are expected to attend training courses as detailed in the joining instructions issued.
This means arriving on time and staying for the full course as requested by the trainer.
Delegates on courses may be a mix of Council staff and staff working in the sector across Doncaster.
It is expected that all delegates will behave in an appropriate and respectful manner towards the trainer, venue staff and each other.

Recording of Learning and Development

Attendance on any Doncaster Council course will be recorded.
It is therefore important when booking places to provide full information about the person who will be attending.Otherwise, the delegate must provide this when they attend the course.

Evaluation of Learning and Development

Evaluation is the process of measuring and/or monitoring improvements in performance that result from learning and development activities. Change or improvement within the workplace should determine the true value of learning and development. It is the responsibility of management to monitor performance, assess the value of any learning and development investment made and ensure that any skills acquired are transferred to the workplace in order to achieve/maintain competency.


Please provide any feedback, either telephone 01302 736576 or email in relation to your views on the service you have received from us.



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