The Council has a statutory duty to investigate road safety across the Borough, and to take action as necessary to reduce the numbers and severity of road traffic casualties

In general this results in an approach similar to that taken by highway authorities across the country, which targets proven remedial action to try to reduce incidents where they already occur most frequently, according to the evidence provided by the Police in the form of road traffic casualty data. This is widely accepted as the most effective way to reduce the overall toll of injuries on the roads.

Numerous reports are received by the Council from concerned residents across the Borough relating to excessive or inappropriate speed or other forms of dangerous driving. Action is occasionally possible where there might be a persistent casualty problem which could be addressed by speed reducing measures. However in the majority of cases these are matters which can only be dealt with by the Police under their exclusive enforcement powers, which also include the operation and deployment of safety camera equipment.

Residents can quickly and easily assess the road safety situation in their local area by viewing the road traffic casualty data available on the data portal which can be found on the website of the South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership. The data available should help to indicate whether the Council might be able to investigate an existing casualty problem, or whether the issue should instead be reported directly to the Police.

Such reports, with vehicle details where these can be obtained, can give the Police important information regarding the nature and extent of any existing problems, and will help to target any resulting enforcement action more effectively, especially where problems might be caused by persistent offenders. South Yorkshire Police can be contacted by e-mail at or on the non-emergency telephone number 101.

South Yorkshire Safety Cameras also have a report form available.

More general roads policing advice can be found at

Last updated: 06 July 2023 12:37:09

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