Creating A Safer Environment Around Schools

Parking on the ‘keep clear’ markings outside schools in the mornings and afternoons is a significant safety issue and results in many complaints being received by both our Parking Services and Communities teams. With typical measures proving to be only mildly effective and fleeting in terms of impact. With this in mind, City Of Doncaster Council has procured a modern system for the purpose of daily enforcement of school keep clear markings.

City Of Doncaster Council have procured a high-resolution camera enforcement solution to use outside schools in the Borough. The innovative camera technology is designed to promote a safer environment around school gates by reducing congestion, which in turn improves air quality. We also hope it will encourage motorists to reconsider the need to drive to school.

The cameras will be active during school times and will only be used for enforcement purposes on the keep clear restriction and any nearby clearway bus stops. Intelligent privacy filters are also built into the system

From the start of the Easter term, from April 15th 2024 the cameras will be located at:-

Hungerhill School, Hungerhill Lane, Edenthorpe

Barnburgh Primary, Church Lane, Barnburgh

Astrea Academy School, Weston Road, Balby

Shawwood Primary, Mere Lane, Armthorpe 

Tornedale infants School, Gattison Lane, Rossington

Sandringham Road Primary School, Sandringham Road, Intake

Kingfisher Primary School, Coventry Grove, Wheatley

Rowena Academy School, Gardens Lane, Conisbrough

The choice of schools has been based on the analysis of feedback from the Parking Enforcement team and Safer Roads teams and other affected parties over past years. We believe that this will continue to promote Doncaster as a modern and dynamic area to live.

Questions and Guidance

Why is there a need for camera enforcement?

Cameras are put in place around parking restrictions where traditional enforcement with a foot patrol is difficult or impractical, and where a suitable level of compliance has not been achieved.

What signage is present?

All legal signage is in place and comprises of yellow zig zag markings and yellow regulatory signs which clearly state the restriction is in place. The markings are present to allow a safe crossing point for children to cross the road without having to worry about negotiating parked cars. City Of Doncaster Council have also fitted camera enforcement signs below the regulatory signs

I was only stopped briefly and this means I should not have to pay

A yellow zig zag marking is a strict restriction, it is in place to keep the area totally clear. The restriction prohibits stopping for any length of time by any vehicle. Even if a vehicle is stopped for a split second then this could still put a child in danger.

The person being dropped off has a disability.

A disability blue badge does not make a vehicle any less dangerous to a child crossing the road. Blue badge holders can exercise their right to park in limited waiting areas but there is no exemption for the keep clear markings for any vehicles.

I only stopped because a vehicle stopped in front of me

Our appeals team will consider all extenuating evidence presented to them on a case-by-case basis. However, the evidence gathered in order to issue a Penalty Charge Notice would be expected to be sufficiently compelling to have taken into account the options available for the driver at the time. Each camera is monitored live meaning the Operator can take into account road conditions and traffic movement.

I was not parked on the markings but adjacent to them

The restriction is in force from the edge of the carriageway to the centre of the carriageway; no vehicles should stop on this stretch of the road as it is a crossing point. Stopping in the middle of the road to let out a passenger would still lead to the vehicle owner receiving a Penalty Charge Notice.

It was the safest place to stop

Keep clear markings are never a safe place to stop. By stopping on them you are restricting visibility for pedestrians and children when they are crossing the road.

I did not know camera enforcement was taking place

Camera enforcement is only considered in places where traditional enforcement is impractical, or not commensurate to the scale of disregard being reported in the area. Motorists should follow the laws of the road regardless of whether or not a camera is present.

What are my alternative parking options?

We encourage parents to escort their children to school on foot where possible. This could mean walking from home or parking a healthy distance from the school and continuing some of the journey on foot. We understand that some motorists might have circumstantial issues that preclude them from walking, so we would encourage these motorists to park considerately away from the restrictions.

Challenging a Penalty Charge Notice

Each challenge is dealt with on the individual merits put forward with consideration being given to the account put forward by the registered keeper of the vehicle. When considering your challenge the Council will review the footage of the contravention before then arriving at a decision.

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